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What just happened?

May 19, 2020


Scene 1

{A trio bullying a teenage girl}

Seema : What do you want? Why do you guys come bullying me all the time? What is wrong with you? (weeping)
Thea : What is wrong with us? How dare you ask like that? (gives her a blow)
Roy : You know how happy I feel when I beat you? (slaps her face)
Jake : (hits her hard) Okay guys its enough for now. We may get late to college.
Thea : Yes, we can deal her tomorrow.

{They leave behind her behind crying}

Seema : Why am I like this? I am not a play-toy. (moaning)

{Memories dawned her}

Narrator : This girl Seema Dutt, was born to Shasha and Prem Dutt. She was very studious and loved forensic science. She got lots and lots of prizes and scholarships and brought pride to her family. And being a single child added to it. But at school, she was bullied all the time by this trio of two boys and a girl. Jake, Roy and Thea always made fun of her and called her a nerd. But never did she oppose or complain them, because she was taught from a very young age, not to fight, but to forgive. Seema lived in a cozy house with the top floor being bought by an orphan named Justin. He was in his college and seemed to be a techie, always busy with his laptops and gadgets. He was never involved with their family. When life was moving through happy and hard times, a great burden fell on her. When she was having lunch at her high school, she got a call from the headmaster's office. It said that her parents who had gone for a bachelorette party, died in an accident. But how could she take this? She felt like being lost in a damp, dark forest. She had no other relations, no other siblings and why, no other friends. The only man he knew was Inspector Akshay Khan, her father's friend. He had supported her in many ways and said that she was like his own daughter. Her parents had left her with a large sum of money which was more than enough for her higher studies. And now our Seema is in her second year of a college for arts and science. And oh, it was the same college the trio is in, but they belonged to the arts group.

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo...the clock struck nine}

Seema : Gosh, I am late again.

{Freshens up and leaves for her college}

Scene 2

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo...the clock struck four and there comes Seema back home, her hair in a mess}

Seema : Okay, let me have a snack.

{Opens her backpack for a biscuit, but finds the packet empty}

Seema : Its them again. It should be Thea. I have heard her say a thousand times about her brother Steve, who loves this particular brand of biscuits. And yeah she tells that its her brother who gives her great ideas about bullying. Like sister, like brother. Okay, no problem, I will have a bread.

{Ding Dong, the doorbell rings}

Seema : Who is it now?

{Opens the door and finds Thea. Afraid, closes the door hard}

Thea : Hey, open it. I am not here to harm you. I want to talk.
Seema : Talk from where you are. I can hear you.
Thea : I am sorry. Very sorry. Sorry about everything.

{Opens the door}

Thea : There you are. I just thought about how bad you would have felt. All alone. You know, guilty conscience pricks.
Seema : You're not kidding, huh?
Thea : Of course not. Now come on. Let us have a hug.

{Seema hugs, but oh, it was a prank again. Thea pulls off her T-Shirt}

Seema : What are you doing?
Thea : What am I doing? You are asking me? Where did you get those guts to question me?
Seema : Let go of my shirt.
Thea : Eh?

{Stamps on it with her muddy shoes. Afraid that the passers-by may see her shirtless, she tries to close the door. But Thea was stronger and gave more force.}

Seema : Leave me alone!
Narrator : Hearing all those noisy voices, a man runs for her help and shuts the door. Who is it, but Justin! Their eyes locked for the first time. But Seema felt ashamed to see him.

{Justin then turns back, pulls a shirt from the hanger and throws it to her. She quickly changes into her new shirt, embarrassed.}

Scene 3

Justin : Are you okay?
Seema : Yeah. Thanks.
Justin : Seema, right?
Seema : Yeah.
Justin : Who was that?
Seema : Thea, college bully. 
Justin : I thought bullies came in groups.
Seema : Yeah, she has two mates. Boys. Don't know why she came alone.
Justin : Hmm. When do you have your college?
Seema : It starts at nine and ends by half past three.
Justin : Okay, shall I come along with you then? Well, for your safety.
Seema : No, its okay. I will manage.
Justin : Fine then. Call me anytime if you need any help.
Seema: Sure. Thanks.
Justin : Hey wait. I think I have something for you. Just wait here.
Seema : For me? 

{Runs upstairs and returns with a lamp.}

Seema : What is this?
Justin : Well, I work in a company fully based on AI, and I supply many gadgets through online. This is a device which may look like a lamp and works like a guard. When you switch this lamp on, it will give you light and when you switch it off, it works like a camera. You can use it for your safety. But be careful when you come near. It may record everything. And I can see them in my PC.
Seema : Haha okay. Thank you.
Justin : Take care

{Justin leaves}

Scene 4

Seema : Oh, I forgot. I have to complete my record note.

{Picks the note from her bag and opens it}

Seema : What is this? Black ink in every page? What is this? "Nerd!"? Oh my God, I have to submit this tomorrow. What will I say to Mr.Sam? (crying)

{Beep. Beep. It was a whats-app message}

Seema : Who is this? The sender is not in my contact list.
"Hey Seema"
"Are you okay?". I am not, but who is this? (Beep.)
"I know you are in trouble". You know? But who are you? Let me text.
"Who are you? How do you know me?" (Beep.)
"Never mind. Who troubles you?". Oh God, who is this guy? (Beep.)
"Is it just Thea?".No, I will reply this time.
"Jake, Roy and Thea and yeah her brother Steve" (Beep.)
"Are they all from the same college as yours?"
"I don't know about Steve. I have not even seen him" (Beep.)
"Okay, I will take care". What you will take care? What can you do? Let me ask.
"Who are you?" (Beep.)
" B) ". Just a smiley?
"What is your name? Do I know you?" (Beep.)
" B) " (Beep.)
"Never share this conversation of ours with anyone. Its time for me to leave. Goodbye."
Who is this? Let me call.

{She gives a call to that number}

What? The number does not exist? Are you kidding me. Let me take a look again at the chat. What? Where did it go? No, I am not dreaming. Where did it go? Oh God! I have to sleep. Something is not right.


Scene 5

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo}

I am up. Let me get my coffee.

{Drinking the coffee, she takes a look at the newspaper}

Oh man look at the headlines "Young man found dead near Surat railway station? A twenty year old young man was found dead in the railway track. It seems that the HAPA superfast express that leaves at 12:48 pm would have hit him. His body was found smashed. Police officers are on charge. Inspector Akshay is handling the case. He says that he will soon report who it was...". So sad. Let his soul rest in peace. 

{Does her daily routine and leaves for college. But returns back in a few minutes with Inspector Akshay and two officers}

Scene 6

Seema : 
Please sit uncle. Are you sure it was Jake?
Akshay : Yes, my girl.
Seema : But it can't be. Why should he go to the railway station? Why should he suicide?
Akshay : That's what we are at. And so as an inspector, it is my duty to inquire. I am done with everyone and now I have to ask you too.
Seema : Oh, please uncle.
Akshay : When was the last time you saw him?
Seema : Yesterday morning at half past eight, I think; He came with Roy and Thea. 
Akshay : Did you see him act strange, like afraid or scared?
Seema : No, he was all the same.
Akshay : Did you see him trying to hide something?
Seema : No.
Akshay : Did you talk to anyone about him?
Seema : Yeah, to Justin an...nn...dd... none.
Akshay : You guys speak?
Seema : Oh uncle,it was yesterday, for the very first time in my life.
Akshay : Then I should question him too.
Seema : Okay uncle, please be here. I come back with him.

{Returns with Justin}

Justin : Hello inspector.
Akshay : Hello young man, how are you?
Justin : Yeah I am good.
Akshay : Have you seen this guy before? (shows a photograph)
Justin : No, who is he? He looks awkward.
Akshay : Well, this is Jake Hastings.
Justin : Jake... seems like I have heard his name before... oh Seema was this the bully you told me the day before?
Seema : (nods)
Justin : Okay inspector, what's the matter with him?
Akshay : Uh, he is dead.
Justin : What the...
Akshay : Yeah, I know. Did you see the news?
Justin : Yeah, I did.
Akshay : Well, he is the man who was found dead in the railway track.
Justin : Oh God, this is hard to believe.
Akshay : Uh huh? Okay, so you've never seen him in your life?
Justin : No, inspector.
Akshay : Okay, it's time to leave. Goodbye Seema.
Seema : Take care.

{They leave}

Justin : So what do you think about this?
Seema : I don't know, I guess he might have boozed and went off.
Justin : Hmmm...
Seema : But why to the railway station?
Justin : That's what matters. Did they take any fingerprints?
Seema : No, you can't as his body was fully crashed. You can't even do the autopsy to find if he was drunk.
Justin : I see... but anyway he deserved it.
Seema : Not this much.
Justin : Hmmm... hey, did you use the lamp-guard?
Seema : Yeah, I never switched it on.
Justin : Fine then, I will leave.
Seema : Okay.

{Justin leaves}

Scene 7

Narrator : 
Thus went the day
Seema : Ha, its a long time since I opened my Facebook account. Let me just check...Friend requests? Who is that? Justin Fernandez, accepted. Steve March? Oh my God, that's Thea's brother! Why should he befriend me? Wait, he has even texted me... "Hi Seema, I am Thea's brother. I am sorry about what what she did and what she does to you, but I am not like her. I am quite different and far apart from her, yet, I like her since she is my blood relation. We have never met. Shall we? Any time is okay for me. " "Bye-bye"... let me see how he looks... Awe man, he has got strong biceps and six packs... he is... he is so... HANDSOME!!!... I wanna see him now, right now! He is online! Okay, let me text. "Hey Steve, how are you? Shall we meet tomorrow at quarter past nine? Its Saturday and I am free."(Beep.) "Sure, how about Riyaz Restaurant?" "Totally fine :)"(Beep.) "Okay, bye" "Bye"... I feel as if I am in a date! Whoa, I am going to meet a real model! 

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo}

Seema : Time for bed. Good night cuckoo!

Scene 8

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo}

Seema : I am up!
Narrator : Seema made her coffee, dancing all the way and looked at the mirror fifty times a minute! Doing all her routine works she dived into her best outfit and did all sorts of things to make herself look beautiful and then she raced to the restaurant in her high heels, which she never had a reason to use before. She sat in a comfortable place and waited. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes...
Seema : Oh Steve, why are you late, this is our date. Here he comes. (waves at him)
Steve : Sorry, I was late. I had to convince Thea.
Seema : Oh, okay.
Steve : She is very afraid.
Seema : After what happened to Jake?
Steve : Yeah, Jake and Roy.
Seema : Roy?
Steve : Didn't you see the news? He was found dead in the well behind his house.
Seema : What?
Steve : Yeah, it was in the flash news today.
Seema : My God, that's... that's... strange.
Steve : Yeah, I know I am afraid about Thea too...cappuccino?
Seema : Of course.
Steve : So, how are you?
Seema : I am good...umm...what do you do?
Steve : I work in a  software company.
Seema : I see. Do you know Justin? Justin Fernandez?
Steve : Oh yeah, I know him. But he works for Saleem Ahmed's ARK inventions, our opponent. Justin, an oaf he is. Why are you asking about him?
Seema : Well, he lives in my home, upstairs.
Steve : Really? Lucky man.
Seema : Why?
Steve : To have a girl like you.
Seema : (blushes) Do you like him?
Steve : Nein. You?
Seema : Not really. Yesterday was the first day we spoke to each other.
Steve : Really? Ah, here comes the waiter.

{They started with what they ordered. Their eyes met, actually they were glued to each other and suddenly Steve turned away. Seema became blue}

Steve : So, it was nice meeting you.
Seema : You too!
Steve : Goodbye.
Seema : Goodbye.

{They hugged each other}

Scene 9

Narrator : Seema flung open the door smiling, but who should she meet there but Justin.
Justin : Oh, uh... you... uh... you look...uh...great...
Seema : Thanks (she tried to avoid him)
Justin : Where did you go?
Seema : Why should I tell you everything?
Justin : Umm... sorry, you didn't even bolt the door properly and I wanted to discuss about Roy.
Seema : I was busy meeting a friend.
Justin : A friend? I thought you had no friends, just like me...
Seema : Well, I have one, a boyfriend and you and I are not the same.
Justin : Boyfriend? Oh, sorry if I bothered you, sorry.
Seema : Fine.
Justin : I think I should leave now. 
Seema : Please.

{Justin left dropping his head and Seema changed into a T-Shirt and trousers}

Scene 10

{Ding Dong, the bell rings and Seema opens}

Seema : Oh, come in uncle.
Akshay : How are you, busy-bee?
Seema : I feel great. How about you uncle?
Akshay : Me? I feel confused, meddling with this case.
Seema : I see.
Akshay : There were only two CCTV cameras in Surat Railway station and they were taken for service the day before Jake was found dead.
Seema : So this guy did this pre-planned. 
Akshay : But Seema, we have no evidence to prove it is a murder.
Seema : Uncle, do you think it is a murder?
Akshay : I guess it is, but you can't just judge.
Seema : Hmm...
Akshay : Now on Roy's case, we found no fingerprints.
Seema : Yeah, the killer might have worn gloves.
Akshay : If he had worn cotton ones, we could have found the marks from the tiny threads they leave behind, but we found none such, so he should have worn either rubber gloves, or plastic ones.
Seema : He should be a mind-master then.
Akshay : Of course. So, you didn't see him yesterday?
Seema : No, uncle.
Akshay : And Seema...
Seema : What, uncle?
Akshay : When we were checking Roy's room, we found something.
Seema : What is it, uncle?
Akshay : Does Thea use drugs?
Seema : Of course, she does, I have seen her use once at college and she was even detained for such an act. Why uncle, what's the matter?
Akshay : Well, see, we found a video-camera in his room and it had ugly pictures of Thea. But in every picture, her eyes were closed. This gave us a suspicion that she may be drugged. Thank God, I had asked officer Amala ma'am to check the camera, or else her image would have spoiled in public.
Seema : That's so gross. Thea loved her only friends.
Akshay : Hmm...Now it's time for me to question Justin. I don't know why, but I like him... a lot.
Seema : Then why don't you go call him?
Akshay : Fine.

{Seema was able to hear some giggles and sounds of laughter} {Inspector Akshay returns after 15 minutes with a smile on his face}

Akshay : He is a great guy!
Seema : Is he?
Akshay : Of course.
Seema : Okay uncle, now what are going to do for Thea?
Akshay : I will guard her room and the other officers will round up the house.
Seema : That's very nice of you.
Akshay : (smiles) Okay busy-bee, its time for me to leave. Goodbye.
Seema : Bye uncle.

Scene 11

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo}

Seema : Good morning cuckoo... (starts brushing her teeth and suddenly turns on the TV) God!...this is...this is impossible!(the news said that Thea was found dead in her room, food poisoned)...Why should anyone do this? I mean who would do this? Let me call Khan uncle...Damn, he is not attending my calls... Oh, my Steve, what will he do now? Let me call him then... uh...Steve, I am Seema... Yeah... I am very sorry about it... I know...its all right... everything is gonna be okay... hmm... Bye... (crying) Oh Steve, my Steve...
Narrator : She crouched down and thought if she suspected someone. She thought hard and suddenly she remembered the whats-app chat she had with an unknown number.
Seema : No, it was just a bad dream... but I can't... I can't believe its a dream!

{Ding Dong}

Seema : Oh uncle, its you! You are early. I ringed you up, but you didn't respond
Akshay : You did? Sorry, I left it at home.
Seema : Its okay uncle, you look tired. Your eyes are dry without sleep. Come on in.
Akshay : Thank you dear.
Seema: Please have coffee.
Akshay : (smiles)
Seema : Here you go.
Akshay : (drinks) This reminds me of Shasha.
Seema : Thank you uncle.
Akshay : You heard it huh?
Seema : I did. How did this happen?
Akshay : I have no idea. We inquired with the maid, but she insists she did no wrong. 
Seema : What did she eat?
Akshay : Paranthas and panneer butter masala was her final dinner and yeah, she had a glass of milk. 
Seema : What was the poison uncle?
Akshay : Inorganic arsenic, the inheritor's powder.
Seema : What the... where in the world did she get that? She might have had a horrible death.
Akshay : Really?
Seema : Yeah, the symptoms may occur within thirty minutes and she could have felt death for hours, long hours!
Akshay : I can understand. You are a Forensic lady.
Seema : Uncle, you know what? Its the same thing which killed Nepolean Bonaparte!
Akshay : Hmm... But I just can't figure out how she could have taken it. Dr. Ramesh Bhat, who did the postmortem says that she could have died at three in the morning. And so if she was actually food poisoned, how was that possible, because Thea locked herself up all day and it was me who brought her food every time. How did this happen? Did she take it herself, fearing that someone might kill her? No, she didn't step out of the house since the day before yesterday. Then, how? Ugh, This case is frustrating!
Seema : Uncle, relax. Calm down. You are stressed. That's it.
Akshay : Do you know, we learnt that Thea had the habit of diary writing and we thought I can get some information from it, but her brother Steve, that wild goose, he says he can never give her sister's diary to anyone!
Seema : Maybe he liked her more, uncle.
Akshay : If he liked his sister more, why isn't he helping us to solve this case?
Seema : Leave it, uncle.
Akshay : Seema, do you know of any enemies this trio had? Like someone whom they have tortured a lot?
Seema :  Haha, uncle, If that was your question, then I would answer it was me.
Akshay : But you are Prem's kid and I would bet you will never do such a thing.
Seema : Thank you uncle. When did you find she was dead?  
Akshay : See, she is so fond of her brother Steve March and whenever he knocks the door, she opens at once. But, today, at six, the time she usually wakes up, the door wasn't unlocked. He waited till half past six and called her, but there was only silence. It was when we broke the door, we found her dead. 
Seema : I see.
Akshay : Okay, shall I leave then?
Seema : What? Its surprising that you didn't talk to your friend upstairs.
Akshay : Haha, he told me that he usually wakes up at eight.
Seema : (smiles and shrugs)

{When Inspector Akshay went near the door, he suddenly turned back}

Akshay : Hey wait a minute, Seema...?
Seema : Yes, uncle?
Akshay : Do you suspect anyone?
Seema : No, I don't.
Akshay : Any mysterious voices, whispers, rumours and why, messages and calls?
Seema : I uh... I don't know... I know nothing...

{She shuts the door at a blank faced Inspector}

Seema : (in tears) Oh almighty, what have I done? Am I the reason behind these deaths? Oh yeah, I had first mentioned Jake, then Roy, then Thea, then...(screams)

{Justin comes}

Justin : Hey, are you okay? Did you just shout?
Seema : Leave me alone (shouts)
Justin : I am sorry, is there a prob...
Seema : I said, leave me alone!

{She cried in her arms and when she raised her head, Justin was still there}

Justin : I love you.
Seema : Go away!

{He leaves}

Scene 12

Narrator : 
She was thinking about Justin and Steve all the time and was afraid that she may lose her lovelorn Steve.

{Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo}

Seema : Oh God, please help me, pleeeasssee help meeee... I think I should call Steve...Uh, Steve, its me... Are you okay?... I am afraid... Can you come over?... Do you know?... Thank you... See you soon...
Narrator : And in ten minutes...

{Ding Dong}

Steve : Hey, your house is small and cute.
Seema : Thank you, come on in.
Steve : Shall I get to bed? I feel so sleepy.
Seema : Of course, I have got a bed ready for you.
Steve : Thank you... You are such a nice girl... Don't know why Thea was so rude to you.
Seema : You look tired. Come on. Get to bed.
Narrator : Steve took his place in Prem Dutt's old bed and Seema in her own and in no minute Steve was fast asleep, but Seema, how could she sleep? She was thinking all the time that the guy with whom she chatted might kill her beloved. And suddenly in the middle of the night, Seema took her mobile and dialed a number.
Seema : Uncle, its me... Sorry to disturb you at midnight, but I think I have something for you.
Akshay : I knew you had something!
Steve : Uh, Seema, with whom are you talking to at this hour (wakes up from his bed and walks near her)
Seema :  Hold on a second... Hey Steve, sorry, did I disturb you?
Steve : Who is on the line?
Seema : Its Khan uncle...
Steve : (Grabs the phone and throws it on the wall) You thought what? You can kill me?
Seema : What are you doing, Steve, are you all right? And... I can't figure out what you are trying to say...
Steve : You killed my sister and now you are trying to do the same to me?
Seema : I killed nobody!
Steve : I know you killed none, because you don't have the guts to do such a thing. Its that uncle of yours, what was his name, yeah Khan, with his help, you have killed my sister, MY SISTER! Now I am going to strangle you... strangle you to DEATH!
Justin : (the door flung open and in came the hero) What are you doing here?
Steve : Seema called me for a sleep-over. She's my girlfriend. Don't you know to stay out when two people are having a great night?
Justin : You think what? I am such an idiot to believe what you say? Get out of the bed. Leave my Seema alone!
Seema : (chokes)
Narrator : The two men had a great fight that lasted for five long minutes and all of a sudden, the bell rang (Ding Dong)... but they ignored it as they were busy in a war of two! And yeah, the door was broken and in came Inspector Akshay.
Akshay : What's going on here?
Justin : Inspector, call the ambulance! Seema is dying!
Akshay : Why should I call the ambulance, I will take her to the hospital in my jeep. Officers Sharath Kaur and Ramneek Lal, block the two men and take them to the police station in Damodar's car. Quick!
Justin : Officer Ramneek, please take the lamp near Seema's bed with you, it has got an evidence.
Ramneek : Get in the car, you two (they were handcuffed)... Damodar, take that silly lantern... this guy is saying something...

Scene 13

2 days later

DGP : 
Well done Akshay. I think I would love to give you a promotion for solving such a case which is too hard to make out head and tail! Hats off to you!
Akshay : Thank you sir, but I would have lost my friend's dear girl if Justin Fernandez hadn't sprang up to her defence.
DGP : All is well that ends well.
Akshay : Uh, DGP sir, can you do me a favour? 
DGP : Yes, tell me.
Akshay : Its about encountering Steve March... uh... Justin requested me if he could do that...
DGP : Hahaha, silly man, if he is experienced with the gun, of course, he can!
Akshay : Thank you sir. (salutes and leaves)
Narrator : What has happened? Lets see how the case was solved. Now its time to meet Seema in the hospital. Come lets follow the inspector.

Scene 14

Seema : 
I am sorry Justin. I was so rude to you, I am very sorry.
Justin : Forgiven and forgotten.
Narrator : She looked into his eyes and waited for him to look back, but no he didn't. She felt ashamed of what she had done.
Justin : How do you feel now? How is your neck? Can you breathe well?
Seema : Yeah I am fine, thank you.
Justin : Uh... Seema, I am sorry, but I wish to ask this to you.
Seema : Go on.
Justin : Uh... will you marry me?
Seema : (she put her arms over his shoulders) Of course, I love you.
Justin : I love you more.
Narrator : And they kissed. A kiss that lasted for centuries!
Akshay : Uh oh, sorry to disturb you.
Seema : Come uncle, I've been waiting for you since I woke up.
Akshay : How do you feel, my girl?
Seema : I am 
Akshay : Pleased to hear that! And hey Justin, permission granted!
Justin : Hooray!
Seema : I am sorry, what?
Akshay : Didn't you tell her?
Justin : I thought it would be nice if you tell her on your own.
Akshay : Okay, close your eyes and follow the story-line.

Scene 15

Akshay : 
Thea was Steve's world. He loved her more than anything in the world. One day, when Steve went to meet Roy, his mother told him that he had gone for his Friend's party and will return in ten minutes. So he waited for him in Roy's room. That's when he found this video-camera and was frustrated to see his sister in such a way. And so he planned to kill them both. That's how Jake and Roy were murdered. Thea, afraid that she too might be killed, bought arsenic from her friend Sonakshi Jain, a chemistry student. When asked why, she told her that you needed it for a practical. When we found her dead, Steve transformed into a beast and broke everything in sight. He took Thea's diary and read the last words she had written before dying, "My last wish : To kill Seema." Don't know why she wrote that but Steve wanted to accomplish her dream. And so, he tried to kill you. Luckily, Justin found noises down and he saved you. That's how the case was solved!
Seema : But uncle, how did you find this?
Akshay : In the video-camera, we found the fingerprints of Roy's, Jake's and Steve's and on Roy's collar, there was Steve's fingerprint but he told us that he had adjusted his collar that morning when he came to his home. And we also found a pair of rubber gloves, with some dirt in it in Steve's closet and it matched the red soil in Roy's garden. That lamp-guard, you had kept under your bed, helped us more. Can you follow the tale, young lady?
Seema : But uncle, do you know why I called that night?
Akshay : Hey, I forgot. Why did you call?
Seema : It was because, the day Jake was killed, I received a whats-app message from an unknown number. It asked me who was troubling me and I simply replied Jake, Roy, Thea and Steve. And then it responded, don't worry, I will take care, but never showed up who it was. And in ten minutes, it had gone, the conversation had simply vanished!
Justin : (laughs) That was me.
Seema : What?
Justin : Forgot I am a techie? Well, I had bought a new sim card and so before disposing it I thought to something. And yeah, I texted you and to support you, I said that I will take care. Then I hacked your mobile and deleted the chat! That's it!
Seema : That made me go mad!
Akshay : Gotcha!
Justin : Inspector, we have thought of...uh... marriage...
Akshay : Don't worry, I will take care and hey, call me uncle.
Justin : Okay uncle.
Narrator : And that's how the tale ends. Goodbye, thank you all! 


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  • ElsaRee

    What a twist! Absolutely incredible!!

    5 days ago
  • S 4 Sia

    Whoa, this is hilarious! I have been thinking all the time that the Inspector and Justin have done this as a team for some reason, but oh, what a twist! All the best!

    14 days ago
  • Emi

    Wow, I love how this play had such a twist! I thought the entire time that Justin committed the murders because he was good at tech.

    18 days ago