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The world comes together

May 23, 2020

PROMPT: Solidarity

The world may have fallen quiet
Disease and fear is spread
Every move outside is well thought out 
And it’s messing with your head

We feel trapped inside, and can’t escape 
for fear we won’t reach another day
events are cancelled,
And the world as we know it, 
comes to a halt.

but we fight this together
long calls to relatives 
clapping for our health workers every single week
running that extra mile to help out 
and charity concerts weekly 

because as the world stops,
love and hope continues,
and nature relearns how to thrive, 
birds swimming in places they haven’t in decades,
Catching the sight of something so far,
This may be the reason our planet survives 

and this can’t be all bad 
because all that being apart does,
is remind us how important it is to stick together 


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