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Prompt #11
Sewing a nightmare was quick and easy. Dreams took months and cost a fortune.
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When I Fall In Love With You (Edited!)

September 28, 2020


When I fall in love

it won't be because I saw your face
and thought it was

it will be because I saw your face
and saw your eyes
and knew
that you were

When I fall in love

you won't know because I can hide things
in paper and languages that only
I understand

you'll probably just see me as the strange
bookish girl who
sits alone
just because

When I fall in love

maybe I'll write a story
and change our
names because only
I can write
a story that seems

you might see it written
on paper
with pencil
but you will never
understand what
it is

When I fall in love

only the stars will dance because
I will only tell them,
knowing that they don't tell

you'll dance with other girls
murmuring poems you
didn't write
in their ears
when I write everything
about you in rhymes

When I fall in love
roses won't be red
and the sky will be rain-storm blue
When I fall in love
nothing will be said
when we pass in the halls between me and you

But when I fall in love
I'll fall like Alice
down her rabbit hole
and everything will seem like Wonderland.

nonsense and perfect sense
known and unknown
perfectly imperfect

when I fall in love


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  • katnissromanoff

    This is stunning!!! I love it

    24 days ago
  • kealoha

    This is absolutely beautiful, and relatable as well ^-^

    2 months ago
  • books4life

    chapter 33 is out for rose's flowers!! :)

    2 months ago