October 18, 2020

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                                        Racists deserve red cards.
                                        We are living in the same world full of Curiosity,
                                        We are breathing the same air of Expectancy,
                                        We are standing and stepping on the same ground of Dependency,
                                        But what we are in the dearth most- is Humanity-
                                        That makes us ignore the eyes hoping for sympathy.
                                        And now let us listen with the heart of the bearers-our real Empathy.
                                        Those fake antiracists are talking about the hope of equality,
                                        But what they shown not even close to the reality.
                                        If what they say were all not baseless theory,
                                        And as if everything can be done practically,
                                        Then all mankind on earth would have felt cheery.
The word racism. What do we know about it? Alright, before we dig deeper into it, let’s take a look at the literal dictionary meaning of racism. It says, racism is a discrimination against a person or people because of their skin colours, race, religion and belief and not to forget even their language.  More widely, it is a devaluation of differences of traits of character or intelligence as “typical” of particular people or group. First and foremost, I would like to sincerely apologise as I will not be using the word “they” to refer to anybody, rather, I would love to use “We” as we, together sitting here today might have been having some sort of stereotyping or discrimination towards certain persons intentionally or unintentionally.
            We might have heard about those certain group of people or individuals that have this one stereotype where the saying goes, “your behavior and your attitude define your skin colour.” It’s obviously something we should not have said. Never! Racism is not a joke guys. We hear a lot about racism especially in school. Me, here, talking about this issue, was multiple times being bullied, being kicked out of the group just because my skin colour didn’t fit theirs, my pronunciation of the words was out of standard and the religion I believe has been perceived negatively because of social media. What I would love to share is that, all those bad things are based on an individual and got nothing to do with religious belief, skin colors or even race. 
            Based on the story I had face when I was a school student, the struggles of the people in the same shoes as mine I met up until today, I would love to encourage “We” as parents, families, brothers, sisters and also responsible organisations, we need to strike while the iron is hot. This is our golden chance to nurture our young people about what it is like to be together. We need to instill the sense of togetherness as we are looking at the same sky, standing on the same ground, having the same thought of sympathy and empathy.  The different is only shown by our physical appearance and the language we speak, but not our sense of sincerity and humanity.
            We have been asking each other the same question of why is this happening? Why there still have these racial issues in our society including schools. Not all people who are being oppressed with this problem managed to keep their heads up high and speak out to the world that they too deserve to be treated nicely. We, humans, we have hearts and feelings. We are created to honour one another regardless our backgrounds. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
            We’ve come across lots and lots of stories, news and even videos regarding this issue. Even though this issue is common, but it is not something it is not something acceptable as it ‘plays’ with person’s heart - feeling, emotion and even family. For some people who are not able to bear the burdens, they are in depressed, and for some reasons, it leads to suicide- at worst. We are somehow feeling insecure listening to this issue, but nothing we can do if we don’t change our thinking. Just imagine, we are at their place. It would be hurtful. The punishment imposed by the laws is yet enough. This is the time. This is our time together. We road ahead, hand-in-hand and wipe out hints of hates.
            So how can we stop racism? What should we do as a brother and sister trying to save our own family members from being trapped with this heartbreak. In my opinion, we are the support system. We have to change our mindset to be more welcoming. Accept each other’s strength and weakness, accept differences as we are all unique on our own ways. If they can’t speak for themselves, let it be ‘Us’ and be their armies. Use our powers by letting the world believe that racism should not be included in our vocabulary. As the song Once Call Away by Charlie Puth goes,
                                               No matter where you go
                                            You know you're not alone
                                            Come along with me and don't be scared
                                            I just wanna set you free
                                            Come on, come on, come on
                                            You and me can make it anywhere
                                            But for now, we can stay here for a while, ayy
                                            'Cause you know, I just wanna see you smile
                                            And when you're weak, I'll be strong
                                            I'm gonna keep holdin' on
                                            Now don't you worry, it won't be long, darlin'
                                            And when you feel like hope is gone
                                            Just run into my arms.

Our children follow what they see and say, hence, we as adults should show good example and motivate them to be better people in the future. Tell them, that there still survivors of racial issues and they are all now successful and have good position. What it means by this is that, never let one hateful thing steps us down. Use that courage as a shield to fight for equality. We are like two peas in a pod. We need each other no matter what.

“Fweet!!!”, “Fweet!!!”, “Fweet!!!”.
Time’s up. No more racism and no more fight.
Thank you.


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