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ahaha President Biden won.

I haven’t read a fantasy book in a hot minute (drop some recs?)

My WTW twin is sci-Fi! Go check her out!

WTW daughter of Paisley Blue and WTW little sister of beth r.

If you want to talk about some fandom stuff I like pjo, Hamilton, CARTOONS, anime, kpop, oh yeah and shadowhunters


Put respect on Jack Skellington’s name

Do I have any book crushes? No… it’s quite strange. I’ll settle for Leo Valdez tho

Bill Cipher is my spirit animal

We stan CN in this household

Among us anyone???

I’m not marrying Jung Hoseok ;-;

title ideas????

December 2, 2020


we are in danger. 
we are endangered. 
we are unique. our cousins represent the sun tipping low and we represent them. we cannot shed our stripes, all we can do is flaunt their pigments as if they were our fortune. 
our battle scars may fade, but this beauty does not. it is rude to reject a gift.
if you look close enough you can see miniature rips. the way they tried to rip you. but look how irrelevant, how small, how t r i v i a l. 
you are human. but you have stripes
hybrid, they love you, but they hate you. they may pry and pry and shoot their broken opinions. 
t h e y are /shards/
you may be cut now, but battle scars fade. 

they are broken. 

already shattered 

their soul.
don’t mind me, just kinda liking my stretch marks.


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