Peer Review by writing_is_art (Ayushi) (Canada)

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By: Zinniav


Romans are made of marble. 

Carved with the heavenly grace of muscles and pride, 
Rome equated Divine Providence with bureaucracy. 

Each empire has its own currency,
its own series of sacred faces,
Its own iconic blasphemy. 

The Romanovs sewed gems into their underwear. 
And then, in their nightgowns, they were shot. 

Bullets commodified just to pierce their hearts and diamond encrusted corsets.

Like banquets, blood baths are opulent.
Like religion, philosophy corrupts.

Peer Review

The sentiment behind the words, the way the author seemed to be guiding the story and the reader through imagery not necessarily text. I really liked the format of the piece as well, it was not too clunky or awkward as I often find some pieces can be.

What inspired you? This piece is a social and psychological commentary on the distinctive culture of the Roman Empire- as peculiar it may be. I wonder what inspired the author to write such a piece.

Reviewer Comments

This was such an unusual piece, it definitely caught my eye! I loved it and would love to hear more!! However, verse four "The Romanovs sewed gems into their underwear.
And then, in their nightgowns, they were shot." doesn't quite sit right with me. it feels out of place in a poem that seems like it would fit better in a different piece. Still! This was lovely :D Keep Writing!!