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Cinder - by Marisa Meyer

By: BriRiley

The book Cinder is a sci-fi Cinderella remake. Cinder (one of the main characters) is very headstrong cyborg and does not putt up with people who wast
Her time. Prince Kai is a sweetheart and very selfless putting his kingdom first even if it’s means marrying the Queen of the moon for a peace treaty.
Linh Cinder, is an sixteen year old mechanic and part cyborg living in New Beijing with her step mother Linh Adri and her two daughters pearl and peony. Before Cinders step father Linh Garen Died from the plague known as Letumoses he adopted, after a terrible hover accident killed her parents and turned her into a cyborg, leaving her with no memory of her past.

When linh Garen traveled to adopt Cinder, he caught the Letumosses disease, causing Linh Adri to blame Cinder for his death years ago, and hold it against her.

When linh Garen died Cinder was forced by her step mother to use her mechanic skills and work a booth in the New Beijing weekly market with her best friend and android Iko where she fixed things to pay for Adri’s many expenses.

While running her booth cinder meets prince Kia of the Eastern common wealth who’s father is the emperor of New Beijing. The emperor has the letumosses disease and could die any day making him the new Emperor. Prince Kai had brought a android that was broken with very important information on it for her to fix.

During the Letumosses breakout, scientist are searching a antidote using cyborgs as the test subject with the excuse that cyborg lives don’t matter as much as other people. After Cinders younger Step sister the only one that cared for her fought the Letumosses disease while helping Cinder get material for her work in a junk yard, Cinder was taken to the resurch lab on Adri’s order so she could receive a payout for contributing to finding an antidote to the plague.

so Cinder is taken away to the New Beijing's since lab where the scientists find that Cinder is immune to Letumosses. so Cinder makes a deal with the head scientist Dimitri Erland, that she would let them take test on her so they can find a cure for the disease if they give her step sister peony the antidote first thing after the emperor.

So cinder continues to visit the scientist lab where she constantly runs into Kia who checks every day for any updates that might help keep his father elite unlike his mother who also died from the disease, and If Kai’s father dies he will assume the throne and be forced with no other choice to marry to the wicked lunar Queen Levana as a peace treaty.

The lunars are colony of people who live on the moon and have the ability to manipulate your thoughts feelings and movements, without a peace treaty the the people on earth would have no chance in winning the war that would break out against the lunars power. Years ago Queen lavana was said to have murdered her niece, the real lunar queen in order to rule Luna and all of its subjects.  

In order to save his country Kai starts to search for the lost princess of Luna, before Queen Levana, who was expected to arrive in a few days, would attend the common wealth ball, Kai’s would have to announce his engagement to Queen Levana. 

So Cinder continues to try and fix Kai Android helping him learn more information on finding the real lunar Queen, princess Seline.

the night of the ball cinder gets a message from one of Queen lavana’s servants on Luna that the Queen is planning to kill Kai after they are married in order to and rule New Beijing and Luna with no intrusion from Kai.
Will cinder get to the ball in time with Kai break his treaty with Queen Levana and let war fall on the people? Will Levana succeed in murdering prince Kai or will cinder get to the ball in time? And will Kai let war breakout in his kingdom? Read Cinder the first book of the lunar chronicles series to find out. this a really well written book and I give it five stars.

I love this book! I own all four of the series and have loved every page of them! I would love for any suggestions for how to make this review more interesting or anything other suggestions. I would be very grateful If you would write a review. :) Thank you so much for reading this! And have a good day!

Message to Readers

I would love to hear if this review makes you want to read the book and what do arts don’t make sense. Thank you so much! :)

Peer Review

The plot, I believe, was very well explained. It gives the review an air of intrigue that drew me in when I first saw this piece published. As well, I have a very clear idea of what the book is about and what I am expecting, especially with that fantastic first sentence.

Yes, for sure. This is a really great start I believe, and it has some very good descriptive explanations on the plot of the book; as this is a book review, I would love to know more about your own opinion on the book! Even polishing the plot to make it more brief, and allow room for more reviewing would further your review. The last line is a good start, but try digging even further into that. Why do you like this book and rate it 5/5? What sort of ideas, themes, or characters really stood out to you? If you would recommend this book to any sort of audience out there, who would love this book?

During the explanation of the plot, it would definitely strengthen the review if you added a few quotes or some of the author's own words (with proper citations, of course). Perhaps add a few of your favourite lines, a key idea or phrase that has deeper meaning to it and helps promote the book even further, something along those lines. If you could shorten the plot even more, perhaps to include just the key events and things that personally, for you, drew you in the first time you read this book, would strengthen it as well.

Keep going, this is a great start! I personally love the book Cinder and I believe it is a great book to review, especially because it has so many great aspects to it in all sorts of different ways.

Reviewer Comments

Best of luck in the competition, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! Happy writing.