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Riddle of the Woods Chapter Five (Looking For Peer Reviews)

January 9, 2021


Colette stares in awe as Gale’s stone expands until it is as large as the portal they had entered through. Gale seems equally astonished. 
Xander smiles somewhat forcefully. “Nice work. No one has ever learned that quickly.” He seemed a little mad that Gale had surpassed his expectations. 
“I learned from the best.” Gale’s eyes are still wide, but he seems pleased with himself. 
Xander’s expression softened. “Obviously. Did you know I’m the youngest Expert Teleporter ever?” 
“Really?” Colette pretends to admire his accomplishments. 
Xander’s face seems to glow from the praise. 
“Can I try going through it?” Gale asked, still staring at the portal. 
“Sure.” Xander nodded. 
Gale stepped through and disappeared. He came back out in seconds, grinning widely. “It works! I went to Ebony’s house!”
“Makes sense you would be a Teleporter.” Liam said, arms crossed. Colette suspected he was a little jealous that he had not been the first to discover his powers. 
“Why?” Wendy asked.
Liam chuckled. “His middle name is literally Porter. As in Teleporter.”
Wendy turned to Gale and said in all seriousness, “He’s right. It’s your destiny.”
“I wouldn’t go that far.” Xandar said, his expression turning sour again.
Ebony seemed to sense it was time to go. She herded Colette, Wendy, Liam and Gale through Gale’s portal. Once they were all through, the portal shrank to the size of a stone again and Gale plucked it out of midair. 
“That was so cool!” Wendy exclaimed.
“Thanks.” Gale said shyly. 
“I hope that was a good glimpse of the amazing things you can do with the stones?” Ebony said. 
“Definitely.” Colette nodded. 
“Hey,” Liam said, “What’s your power, Ebony?”
“That is a secret for me to keep until you need to know.” Ebony informed him.
“You’re keeping so many things from us.” Wendy said.
“I am also telling you a lot as well. Don’t complain.” Ebony acted like a reprimanding teacher. 
Wendy sighed, and her stomach growled. “I think it’s time for lunch.”
“What other powers are there? Like, what do the other experts do?” Liam asked. 
“One of them flies, one can make himself or other things invisible, another can shift into animal form, one has super speed and the last is all-knowing.”
“What does all-knowing mean?” Wendy asked.
“If you were all-knowing, I bet you’d know.” Liam said. 
Ebony ignored him. “The All-Knowing Expert can answer any question you have. She literally knows everything.”
“Cool!” Wendy said.
“Not really.” Liam disagrees. 
“Their locations are Texas, Utah, Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts.” Ebony said. “It is up to you guys where we go first.”
“Where does the all-knowing one live?” Wendy asked. 
“The point is to choose without knowing which one is where.” Ebony said. 
“I think we should go to Washington.” Liam said. 
“Sure.” Gale agreed. Everyone else nodded their heads.
 “Okay then. It is nice that Gale can open portals now. That will make this trip go a lot faster.” Ebony said. “There is only one limit with portals. They can only be opened to places the Teleporter has been before.”
“So Gale, have you been to Washington?” Wendy asked.
“I’ve been to Seattle.” Gale replied. 
“Close enough. The town we want to travel to is called Anacortes. It is about eighty miles from Seattle. Our destination is Mount Erie.” Ebony explained.
“When do we leave?” Colette asked. 
“Up to you.” Ebony told them.
“I say we leave as soon as possible.” Liam said 
“Yeah!” Wendy agrees. 
“We can leave tonight once I get some packing done.” Ebony said. 
A few hours later, it was time to depart. Gale opened a portal to Seattle, and the five stepped through with their luggage. 
They emerged in a small alley. A street was visible from the opening. They exited the alley. Ebony led them down several streets until they reached the Crown Plaza hotel. After they booked rooms for the night, they settled in.
“I’ve always wanted to stay in a hotel.” Wendy gazed around the room. 
“You’ve never stayed in a hotel before?” Liam asked in astonishment. 
“Our family doesn’t have a lot of money. I’ve never flown in a plane, either.” 
“Really?” Colette was surprised. Then she realized what she had said. “Oh, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude.”
“It’s fine.” Wendy waved a hand in dismissal. “I’m used to it.”
Ebony flipped through a menu of all the restaurants in the area. “Is everyone good with pizza?”
It was a silly question. 
When the pizza arrived, Colette and Wendy had claimed one of the queen-sized beds. Ebony had the other one, and the twins were on the couch. It would fold out into a bed later.
Over their dinner, they planned out the next day.
“We can rent a taxi. It’s just over an hour drive to Mount Erie. Finding the Invisistoner can be a little tricky, due to her house being invisible.” Ebony told them.
“Seriously?” Gale asked.
“Yes. She is the kind of person who doesn’t like to be noticed.”
Colette understood how she felt.
Later that night, Wendy, Colette and Liam tried to imagine what powers they would have. 
“I hope I’m all knowing.” Wendy said dreamily.
“Nah. That is the most boring power.” Liam said dismissively. “I wanna fly or have super speed.”
“What about you, Colette?” Wendy asked. 
“Maybe be able to turn invisible? Or it could be cool to turn into an animal.” 
“Yeah!” Liam said. “You could turn into a cheetah! Or an elephant!” 
“I was thinking more like a small cat. Or a dog.” 
“But how could those be useful in battle?” Liam protested. 
“Why would we ever be in a battle?” Wendy asked, a touch of fear in her voice.
“I hope we are. It would be so cool to be in a battle.” Liam said longingly. “And now that we know there is some bad guy called… What’s he called again?” He asked, turning to Ebony.
“Caligo.” Ebony said. “I don’t know why you think being in a battle would be fun. In some battles, people die. Or get seriously hurt. But I don’t think you will have to worry about that.” She assured Wendy.
“Good.” Wendy sighed in relief. 
Ebony glanced at the clock. “Time for bed. We have an early start in the morning.”
Within half an hour, they were all in their various beds. Colette laid quietly for a long time, unable to fall asleep. Wendy’s gentle breathing was audible beside her. Had it only been two days since they had met? It felt like a lifetime. 
They arose early the next morning. Ebony shook Colette awake at around six. 
“Why do we have to get up so early?” Wendy yawned, clearly not a morning person. Colette could relate. 
“The Invisistoner likes to go out and about during the day, so it would be impossible to find her. If we can get there before nine, she should still be there.” Ebony explained. 
“Can’t we just call her and tell her to stay home today?” Liam asked. 
“The invisistoner doesn’t have a phone. There is no reception in her area, so she doesn’t see the point.” Ebony said. 
“Why isn’t there reception there? I thought it was a tourist attraction.” Gale said.
“We are going a little off the beaten path.” Ebony informed them. 
“It’s like an adventure.” Liam’s eyes sparkled. 
They rented a taxi and arrived at the trailhead to Mount Erie. 
“It is a bit of a hike to Mount Erie. We won’t be going all the way to the mountain itself. It is still early spring, so it shouldn’t be too busy.” Ebony said.
They hiked for a short distance. Ebony stopped them at a point along the trail, seemingly random. “Here is where we go off trail.”
“How do you know?” Gale asked, looking around for landmarks.
Ebony smiled secretively. “I have my ways.”
They pushed through the underbrush. Ebony led the way. Colette wondered how on earth Ebony could possibly know where she was going. All Colette could see was oak trees, bushes, and the occasional pine. 
Thorns scratched her arms as they passed through a thicket. Her blue jeans protected her legs from the brush. It seemed to be a long time before they reached a small clearing. It did not seem to be formed naturally. The whole area was surrounded by pine trees, set in a perfect circle, and there was not a single stump to be found in the perfect green grass of the clearing. 
It looked completely empty, but Ebony seemed to know something they didn’t. She walked straight toward the center of the clearing, stopped some twenty feet from the middle, and knocked on seemingly thin air. 
Ebony waited a couple seconds, and a strange phenomenon occurred. The air seemed to swing open in front of her, as if it was a door. When it was fully open, it looked like a tall rectangular opening  the side of a doorway. Visible through the opening was a normal entry way. Colette could also see the inside of the door, painted blue. 
Ebony sighed. “Ashlynn, could you please become visible?” 
Suddenly, a pretty lady with very long brown hair and chocolate skin appeared in the doorway. She swept her hair back over her shoulder. “What do we have here?”
“Three of these kids,” Ebony gestured to Colette, Wendy and Liam, “Are hoping to find their abilities.”
“I see.” Ashlynn fixes her gaze on the three of them, kind brown eyes full of warmth. “Come in.” 
When they were all inside, Colette looked around. Artwork covered all the walls. She recognized prints of Mozart and Da Vinci. There was also plenty of art by obscure artists. 
Ashlynn offered them cookies. “Chocolate chip? Peanut butter?”
Colette took a chocolate chip. They sat at a small wooden table with a glass tabletop. 
“Please take out your stones.” Ashlynn instructed. “Hold them in your dominant hands.” 
Colette, Wendy and Liam grasped their stones. Gale sat back and munched on his peanut butter cookie.
“Place your other hand on your cookie.”
“Um,” Liam said, mouth full of cookie. “What if I ate the whole thing already?” 
Ashlynn handed him another. “Now, the trick is to truly believe your cookie is invisible. Imagine it gone.” 
None of their cookies disappeared. 
“Keep trying. No one gets it on their first try. Look at your cookie and picture it disappearing.”
Wendy gasped. “Mine’s gone!”
Ashlynn clapped her hands. “Excellent!” 
Wendy smiled, but there was a hint of disappointment in her expression. Colette supposed she must be a little sad she wasn’t an all-knower.
“Would you like to try something bigger?” Ashlynn asked. 
“Can I make myself invisible?” Wendy asked hopefully.
“You can try.” Ashlynn seemed like she didn’t think Wendy would be able to. 
“Do I have to use my hand for this?” Wendy asked. 
“No.” Ashlynn said.
Wendy held her stone firmly and closed her eyes. A moment or two passed before she disappeared. Colette stared at the place where Wendy had been just a moment before. 
“I did it!” Wendy’s disembodied voice exclaimed.
Ashlynn looked very surprised. “Good job! You’re a natural.”
“That is so cool!” Liam yelled. 
“Liam.” Ebony said. “Please don’t yell.” She turned to Wendy’s general direction. “Congratulations, Wendy.”
“How do I undo it?” Wendy asked. 
“Usually, undoing it is easier than doing it in the first place. Just picture yourself. Holding a hand up in front of your face sometimes makes it easier. Picture it in your mind and it will appear.”
Wendy reappeared a minute later. Her smile was wider than Colette had ever seen it. 
That night, Colette thought about the abilities she could still have. There was flying, shifting into an animal, super speed and all knowing. 
She tried to imagine what animal she would be if that was her power. Maybe a dog. A husky would be fun. She remembered Aspen for the first time. Colette wondered if a dog would notice she was gone. 
She felt bad for her aunt and uncle. She had always tried extra hard to be nice to them. She didn’t know if spelling your aunt and uncle to forget you exist was a kind thing to do. It probably wasn’t. She would find a way to make it up to them. Her eyelids felt heavy. She let them close.
This is the fifth chapter of the book I am writing. It will make more sense if you read the first four first. I am not positive I'll keep 'Invisistoner'. I'm open to alternative names! And any other advice is welcome and appreciated. 


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  • BriRiley

    This book is going great! Can’t wait until the sixth chapter is done!

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