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Perhaps Life is Better

January 15, 2021


The leaf hung loosely from the wall's ivy,
"Isn't it beautiful?" Sue asked Johnsy
"Ah, but the storm is coming" Johnsy adamantly replied,
"Tomorrow you shall see it will have flown away and died

And just like the leaf, I shall too pass,
The breath I take in the morning shall be one of my last,
Pneumonia is a terror, please understand my friend,
With every passing minute, I am closer to my end."

So they went to sleep, the curtains hanging loose,
And yawning, they woke up the next morning which came too soon,
Sue looked at Johnsy before tearing the curtains apart,
And the sight she saw before her was enough to melt her heart.

"Johnsy, the leaf has not fallen from the tree,
It still stays strong, fighting as you can see,
And you repeat again and again that you and the leaves are birds of a feather,
So now you must realise, perhaps life is better."
Inspired (And referring to) 'The Last Leaf' a story written by O. Henry. We read it in English class today, and it just inspired me.


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