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diving board(s)

By: rivqah


lamination gloss on the poolwater, concealing certificates of woven anklebones,
                                            neon cyan contrived as fleeting gas station infatuation.
you’re turning your head, wringing your spine, all you ever wanted was to politely disagree with gravity 
                                                                                and all I ever did was let you.
                expurgation: scrawling fresh wax onto our barren, barren backs.
                                                features distorted,        you can contort condensation but you can’t hold its hand.
        what to do with these nomadic knuckles?                 
                                                                                            I’d cup your jaw but it might overflow.
                                                                                            I’d asphyxiate     chlorination.

Message to Readers

I'm currently exploring new writing styles, this is the latest.

Peer Review

The word choice and rhythm were excellent.

I think the meaning of the poem would be something that's nice to know. Not that you have to include it, I'm just curious.

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