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The forgiving fields

January 13, 2021

Lush, dark green grass stands proudly in the outstretched field. The sun, sinking behind trees, leaves traces of yellow and orange on a leisurely darkening sky. A tree standing alone in the middle of the meadow has a swing resting down from its branch. The air is crisp, as the wind whispers and a horse snickers. A smooth, uncluttered path weaves its way through the field, telling stories of all those who’ve walked on it. The field is calming, and you know that it will keep all your secrets and forgive all your misdeeds. The single tree watches as you walk by, and it greets you, telling you to be at peace. This is where you share your brightest laughs, and take the best pictures, of flowers, fields, and setting suns. This is where you huff and puff, sweating on a hot summer’s day, shoes digging into the ground, as you run, trying to beat your previous time. This is where you bundle up, as the snow glistens, watching the horses walk along side you, with only a fence in between. Always passing an old barn, with chipped brownish red paint. When you reach the tree, all alone, it’s glad to have some company. The horses and the barns are behind you, and the wind hugs you, embracing  your face and coat. And the fields finally let you have inner peace, forgiving you for everything. 
Hey there! I wrote this in second person, not sure it was the best choice but what do you think? Any suggestions and comments are great! 

Wishing you all the best! <3


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