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Solivagant left when you came

January 15, 2021


unfinished characters await at our charred fingernails
their broken thoughts carved in our head, their fate
scribbled in burnt pages of our torn notebooks

Scattered islands we pulled from the depths of ocean floors, mountains we make
from specks of grainy sand, kingdoms we grow from
mere drawings, empty sketches from our tired hands

we are navigators, you and I
our pointer finger as compasses, our hearts as constellations
after all, that's really all we have to share

we have ripped off clumps of our own
Imagination, molded them together,
made new sculptures, new worlds, this one

you and I, who became one with pristine waters,
watched as our reflection wavered back at us, wondering
which stream life would choose for just the two of us

together, we sailed, raising our own sails to blow in wind
watching auroras and listening to mellifluous hymns of birds,
after all, this is how life chose to be for you and I

I was alone, once, gathering empty words into wine
bottles, written floating letters without meaning,
but, then again, solivagant left when you came.

for you, Mer <3

My January gifting would never be complete without you. You're one my closest friends, one that I hold rather dear in my heart. Sometimes I wonder how we began, do you? Things felt like they just fell in place, and so here we are. Life may pull us apart later, but I'm glad life brought us together for now. Hopefully when it's time for us to leave wtw, we can talk on prose, establishing our friendship longer. But once again, who knows? No matter what happens though, I'm glad to have spent this wonderful time with you. I can't say I love you, because my heart loves you more than the word, "love" itself. I'll never be able to express how much I owe you, Mer. <33


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  • Wisp

    Ahh so so sweet! I can sense the friendship and bond between you and your friend and it's just so touching. The imagery of crossing worlds together, travelling the seas and building lands made of words with the two of you, I am just so heartwarmed. You capture something so beautiful and raw and pure with your words and I am left breathless by it. There's a serenity in this piece, a beauty and calm that takes over me as I read this. This is one of those pieces I'll hold dear, for the depth and wonder and love packed into it.

    My dear Mitsubachi! I'm back! Your comment left me in tears and I am so glad to be able to talk with you again! You are such a dear friend, such a beautiful person with a heart of gold. Your comment was so sweet and honestly it had me smiling like a fool, I'm not quite sure if I told you before, but my dear, you truly do mean a lot to me. I dare say you've carved this special place in my heart. Love you hon, and let's catch up! How have you been? Has school been alright? Are you alright?

    14 days ago
  • SamRose

    Hey, I published part of Chapter 6 of Riddle of the Woods the other day, in case you wanted to tread it! And I also started another book called Castle on a Cloud if you want to check out the first chapter!

    about 2 months ago
  • Lata.B

    Aw this is so sweet! "our hearts as constellations" this is so good!
    I actually added more to my story!:)

    about 2 months ago
  • Asteraceae

    This is lovely poetry... Solivigant is my favorite word! Also, in response to your comment left on my "Self Love" prompt, I have been singing for many years, though in the past few years I have become more serious about it.

    about 2 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    also..chapter 26 for Traitors and Rebels is out! https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/213137/version/441746

    about 2 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    oh wow this is beautiful <3 Every stanza just becomes more stunning with your gorgeous imagery.

    about 2 months ago
  • Syzygy (#words) (J.A.M)

    ;-; Girl. . . I love this!! That very last stanza tugged at my heartstrings. Solivagant is a new word for me, but it's so abstractly beautiful! And we did make sculptures! Beautiful ones at that, our hands molding different parts to complement one another. And you're my compass, just as I am yours. Two halves of one utterly amazing whole. It's been such a fun adventure, and when it's time to sign our scripts for the final time on this platform, I wish with all my might that we'll stay in contact. As you said, "my heart loves you more than the word , "love" itself." <3

    about 2 months ago