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The Hollow Creek

January 14, 2021

There is a small stream/creek near our house that I have dubbed 'Hollow Creek', because the name of our street has 'Hollow' in it. Here is a short description of it:

The calm, cool water bubbles over the rocks, laughing and speeding along as if racing to whatever is at the end. Narrowing in some places, and widening in others, the stream seems to have a personality all its own. It babbles over short waterfalls and long flat stretches, clear liquid occasionally marred by an old log or pile of branches. It snakes like a ribbon, curving around sharp bends, varying between a couple inches to a foot or more in depth. It winds between trees and through small ravines, rushing to an unknown place far in the distance. 
There are twenty families that live on our street, and we all own a portion of the undeveloped ten acres or so below the neighborhood. it has scrub oak and other various trees, along with the stream I have described above. The stream is private property, owned by only our street, and my family seems to be the only one that realizes it is open to visit. 


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