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Zeus' Eagle: Chapter Fourteen :)

January 16, 2021


“Again,” Pan commands. Sweat pours into Bella’s eyes as she struggles to make it up the rope again, but fails, falling to the ground. “You have no idea what you might face with the monsters. You need to work on your upper body strength, which is lacking.” Pan is an unflinching merciless teacher, but Bella knows that with hard work she can defeat the evil that roams. 

Bella exhales, trying to catch her breath, as she makes her way back to the rope. The tough material hurts her hands but she cannot stop now. She cannot give up before she hasn’t even tried again. Just trust him. 

“Again!” Pan bellows as the clouds darken the sky. “What are you waiting for? Get up the rope! You keep saying you can, with your mighty pride, so why don’t you just do it!” Bella huffs and starts her climb. Every muscle is weak, especially with her shaky arms. “Straighten those arms! The monsters are ruthless murders. You cannot fail!” Don’t fail, don’t fail, don’t fail, don’t fail. Using her core muscles, she reaches the halfway point of the rope’s length, dangling in the air beside the palace walls.  

Jasper is there, standing by Pan’s side, his face grim. He showed up for the last bit of training before the evaluation. He too is dressed in training clothing. 

“Focus, Bella! You are fine, I promise, you will not fall!” Bella turns her attention back to the rope, sweat making it difficult to see. Every ounce of her body wants to give in, but Pan’s past comment about her being so selfish keeps her going. She wants to prove him wrong. Inch by inch, she climbs the rope. The hours of weaponry training and running is draining because even though Bellaphon is an experienced hunter and archer, she is unprepared for the likes of strict militaristic training. Focus, Bella! Breathe. Inhale, exhale. “Prepare for shooting!” The exact command that caused Bella to fall again, but she was at a lower level then she is now. Falling from this height would certainly either kill her or hurt her seriously. “Bellaphon! Bow up now!” Bella wraps her legs around the rope, leaning back mid air, using her core to keep her from falling, swings her bow from off her shoulder, locks the arrow in place, and aims at one of the straw dummies. “Concentrate!” Pan yells as the time passes slowly, second by second. 

Jasper calls, “I don’t like this. It’s too dangerous! Bellaphon! Pull the arrow down! Come down!” 

“General Jasper, who gave you the authority? Bellaphon, arrow up! Focus!” 

“It’s too risky!” 

“So is her mission! She must challenge herself!” The two brothers bicker, Bella growing more confused by the second. She aims the arrow but all of a sudden, her grip becomes loose on the rope, her muscles relaxing as they have no more to give. The bow falls to the ground, gaining the attention from the brothers, who look up horrified. 

Bellaphon’s precious bow falls as does her legs, and she throws out her left arm, screaming, and hangs on by her single arm. 

“Don’t move, Bells!” Jasper screams up to her, hands cupping his face to amplify his voice. “Use both arms! Put them both on the rope!” 

Bella screams, “I can’t! I’m too tired!” Tears stream down her face as she hiccups. Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall. 

Pan yells, “You can, Bellaphon! You got this! Both arms!” His voice is calm but powerful, a sharp contrast from the commander tone he was using seconds ago. Somehow, Bella cries out in pain as she grabs the rope with both arms, holding on for dear life.. The guards get a mattress and position it underneath her. 

“It’s okay to let it go! It’s okay, just let go!” Pan calls encouragingly. Jasper curses, his face tight with worry. Bella lets go, and falls, hitting the mattress hard on her back, knocking the wind out of her. Instantly, in a matter of milliseconds, Pan and Jasper are by her side, talking to her, over each other, apologizing, helping her sit up. I’m not dead, she thinks in relief but that quickly subsides as the pain hits. 

“Do we need medical attention?” Jasper yells at a guard, “Get the royal doctor!” Bella’s mind is a jumble of thoughts, all she can think is pain, pain, ow, pain, ow---every muscle, every inch of her body hurts. 

“I’m fine!” She yells, causing Pan and Jasper to look at her with wide eyes. Immediately, they interject, trying to change her mind. 

“You could be seriously injured, Bella. Let’s not make any rash decisions,” Pan advises. Jasper nods in agreement. 
“I said,” she grits her teeth, “I’m fine! I don’t need your help again after you got me in this position in the first place!” She stands up, wobbly, ignoring the slight feeling of white hot pain but falls back down on the mattress. Embarrassment flocks her cheeks. A failure, that’s what she is. 

“Is this scar new?” Pan asks, holding Bella’s face gently, examining it. “Or is it from our first encounter?” Bellaphon jerks her head away and down, distrust washing over her. Pan’s urging, his comment to make her upset and willing to do what he wished, it’s his fault she’s even in pain now. With a scary thought, she realizes she doesn’t trust the brothers with everything, like she used to.

Jasper mutters, confused, but Bella finds the focus to answer, “No. It’s from when Selene attacked me.” Pan nods, his mind racing. 

Jasper gasps, “Selene attacked you? When?” He turns to Pan, “And you knew?” 

Pan shrugs, “I--I….” but cannot seem to answer the question. Jasper scoffs in belief, standing straight up, glaring down at his crouched brother. Pan starts to open his mouth again, but Bellaphon interrupts. 

“Can you not argue please?” She presses her hand to her temple, wincing. Suddenly, the royal family enters, chattering, as they make their way to the stands. “Oh Hades,” Bella whispers under her breath. “The evaluation.” 

Jasper groans as Pan tries to think of something, “We could always cancel it. I’m the king.” But then, Arthur Kent shows up, grinning like a little kid eating candy. 

“Oh, sitting down, that simply won’t do, Bellaphon.” He looks at his evaluation sheet, writing, “Lack of preparation...I’m taking notes, dear.” 

“I’m not your dear,” Bella retorts, standing up shakily. The brothers both stand alert, ready to catch the demigoddess should she fall. Kent notices and chuckles slowly as he makes his way to his seat. 


“I really think---” 

Bella cuts them both off, “I don’t care what you both think. I have to do the evaluation. And just stay away from me, both of you.” She makes her way to her fallen bow and arrow, brushing off the dirt. She locks in an arrow and fires at a painted target. Perfect. It hits the center. 

The crowd grows quiet, except for the sound of writing, as she fires off another five arrows, all hitting the bullseye. After that, she picks up a gun, falls to the ground, rolling on her side and fires at the straw dummy, whose head is blown off. She then stands up, stretching her legs, her poor legs. Exhaling, she blocks out everything: the royal brothers, her fall, the amount of pressure weighing on her, the fact that her murderer is on the loose--and just breathes. 

Running in the forest, that’s what you can do, she tells herself. Just run in the forest. 

Picking up speed, she runs in a blur, causing a gasp of awe to rise from the crowd, as she uses her super speed, stopping in front of the rope. The rope she just fell from. Hesitation runs quick through her, but she pushes through, climbing a little bit up the rope and twisting down, firing the gun midair and landing on her feet as she jumps down. 

The crowd bursts into applause, cheering. Kent looks upset, but it’s clear that Bellaphon has passed the evaluation. Relief hits in as she starts to go inside.

 Jasper grabs her arm, “Bells! Where are you going?” 

“Leave me alone.” She walks into the palace, finds her bedroom chamber, and falls fast asleep, wondering what she has gotten herself into. 
Word Count: 1386. I tried adding more of Bella's thoughts in this chapter. What did you think?? Note: this series is wrapping up. I believe I will have six-ish more posts after this. :) 


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