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A Cross

January 26, 2021

PROMPT: Memory Object

A wooden cross.
Right on the windowsill next to my bed.

It's purple, green, and yellow, colored in various places, with a scribbled-on name at the bottom.
This cross was made by me in preschool and for years it sat unused in my room.
And then the anxiety came. And along with it, the fear of being alone. 
The fear of letting my mind run wild into places I didn't want to go.
So I slept with this wooden cross right on my heart so I wouldn't feel so alone in my thoughts.
And during those rough times of insomnia and panic attacks, it was there for me. And holding it had made me feel warm and secure knowing that God was watching over me.
I still sleep with the cross because I still have anxiety.
I try to pretend I don't use it anymore. After all, therapy is supposed to be helping. I shouldn't need the cross to sleep.
But I do.
Whenever I have a rough day filled with stress and worry, I grab the cross. And it makes me feel like I was just given a giant hug.
It's hard to imagine little 5-year old me doing an arts and crafts project, not knowing how important the project would become to me. Not knowing that the little wooden cross I had carelessly colored would be there for me in the roughest times of my life.

My wooden cross.
Right on the windowsill next to my bed.
I always feel bad for always talking about anxiety and stuff. I know so many people go through so much worse and I shouldn't complain. But like, anxiety sucks


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  • ~The Rain Glows Too~

    Also is your word scramble ‘bisexual’? Because that’s what I see and it’s clever

    8 days ago
  • ~The Rain Glows Too~

    This is such a lovely and honest piece!
    Re: thank you for all your sweet encouragement on my pieces! :) hope you are having a nice day

    8 days ago
  • psithurism #words [Sunnydew]

    re: Oh honey, no problem! God looked at this world and thought it needed you, so give yourself a little self love! He pieced together every part of you with love and care! <3

    about 1 month ago
  • Chloe :) <3

    This piece is so touching and meaningful. Anxiety does suck and everyone's story is meaningful. Never ever feel bad for expressing yourself. If your pain affects you regardless of what other people go through you are allowed to "complain." Hope you are doing ok

    about 1 month ago
  • psithurism #words [Sunnydew]

    Aww this story is so sweet and uplifting! As for the footnotes, no girl. Don't feel ashamed for talking about your experiences! Just because your struggles may not be as bad as the struggles others have doesn't mean they aren't valid! Your experiences and pain are always valid. I hope you're having a lovely day! <3

    about 1 month ago
  • tanvinagar

    This is so so heart touching and leaves us with a food for thought. I love the ending. It’s such a beautiful piece. Keep writing! Do check out my pieces as well, I would love to hear from you. Thank you

    about 1 month ago