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letting go.

March 22, 2021


does your pain curl or purr?
is it comfortable now?
you know it is, you know joy never lasts quite enough.
that it demands balance, and god, you’re tired.
joy demands effort. joy demands pink vulnerability.
sorrow is in your morning coffee, it kisses you back home.
sorrow says “i’m here” and means it.
You’ve never known bliss that makes promises like that.
of course it’s ironic, of fucking course it is.
that’s the whole point.
rock bottom doesn’t seem as painful as what comes before
as sharp stone that tears during the fall
un-bottom is too far, it is a tightrope, it is out of sight
does it exist.
does it curl or purr. will it ever be comfortable.
you’ve struggled to gather the bits of yourself
and letting go of any, changing them for new bits
it makes you hold on tighter.
it makes you remember you’re alive.


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  • March 22, 2021 - 8:33pm (Now Viewing)

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1 Comment
  • almost flora kane

    absolutely stunning and thought provoking. i connect with this quite deeply at the moment, and i really hope that if you're feeling this way too we'll get to somewhere else better soon.

    (and check for your questions at the end, i think you might've accidentally put periods instead of question marks:P)

    3 months ago