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Predisposition for Pain.

April 5, 2021

There’s no sorrowful night like the one spent on your knees, 
as the one in which you’re forgetting your name
in which you're stitching a new one

no night as deep-buried as the one in which you cry your saint’s names
over and over
even if you suspect they forgot you long ago
gentle hands and whispers caress your face by day
and you weep by night
lungs become ocean
hope hardens into blade 

there’s no place that comforts a face without a name, 
and in this chapter of waiting, these seconds of hesitation, 
you’d breathe easier if no one saw you, no one met you, 
what is transformation inside a home?
what is it called, but a circus show? 

As you breathe in and out, you realize you’re scared. 
You’re just scared. 
For how long?
It settles beneath your eyelids every night, 
scared and sorrowful you sit. 
alone and loved you wait.
And the wait stretches until morning.


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