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A Persona Can Be Changed; A Person Cannot

April 8, 2021

See my face for what it is, not what I show.
I'm ashamed and sickened by myself.
See my persona, which hides me like a storm of snow.

My true feelings are difficult to reach like a top shelf.
No one can get to them, not even me.
But I don't need them, and neither does she herself.

Sorrow is costly, but smiles are handed out for free.
The preferences I express are no longer mine
But I paste on a persona, a false sign of glee.

Really behind this front, the girl that can actually shine
Manipulates my every mood, thought, and crush.
She slowly takes away who I am, my crimson blood dripping like a cracked bottle of wine.

Only now, I see myself wearing something other than a constant blush.
She has changed how I seem, but not who I am.
My reality is no longer blurred in a thick malicious mush.

I am no longer willing to keep closing up like a clam.
I'm finally ready to accept that despite the blood she took, I still have my heart.
And that heart pumps out fresh blood that washes away my great sham.

My identity unveiled, I can get my start
As my own proud person, no longer another's puppet
I no longer fear not looking the part.

I could not stand bright and tall without a shred of wit.
Despite years of hiding, I've emerged like Punxetawny Phil.
But my shadow is gone for good now, wiped away by grit.

So, understand that even though I've hidden as an insignificant krill
I'm a mighty whale at heart, a being none could tame, strong and hard-fought.
And nobody can take that spirit away from me, as I stand with a powerful will.

Anybody with truly great empathy, desire, and thought
Would then have realized at this very point
A persona can be changed; a person cannot.

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