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dear special someone, (footnotes)

April 8, 2021


i don't know you well
but when i'm around you, it's swell
we've talked once or twice
maybe three times
and i feel something for you
the way you smile at me like i'm yours
the way we laugh until our sides get sore
could i possibly be something more
to you?
i've thought about it over and over
are you a lover
or like a brother
or something other than that?
maybe i'm thinking to much
maybe i'm in such a rush to know you
to like you
to love you
to show you
but how can i tell you my feelings
if i spend all of my time staring at my ceiling?
heeeeeeeellllllllp.... i have a crush on this one boy who i've known about a month. he's nice. he's good-looking. and omg i think he likes me back because the other day he smiled at me like eeeeeee it was adorable and my insides turned to mush because of just a smile. can i get some advice on, idk, how to tell him how i feel? or something? i'm just a hopeless romantic over here.... *blushes uncontrollably*


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  • FastOceanLove

    Okay, so you definitely like him. And he might possibly like you. I am the same way, what I would do is either drop hints on who he likes and see his reaction or you could always just outright say it to him. Of course, if you don't trust him and you guys aren't really friends then I would wait at least until you guys are friends.....The signs are pointing to he likes you tho from what I can see :) Is this like the first time you've seen any sort of sign tho...?

    11 days ago