I love to write. I often overthink. I often overreact. I have come far. I am not there yet. I have no idea where I'm going to end up.
non-binary (she/her or they/them is cool, thanks),
with anxiety

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To the Big-Hearted

April 8, 2021

to the sensitive and pensive in this world of get-up-and-go,
remember to lay down every now and then;
surrender under the sky-falling pressure of things
great and small

let them pin you down
in the safety of your home
to avoid sudden collapse elsewhere

these things must be felt

it is not weak
to break down and cry
when you hear the masses defying truth
and watch the silencing of youth,
to hurt as you witness the painful proof
that we've got
to go yet

this fury must be felt

feeling the constant cacophony of the world can be overwhelming;
a sound-cutting,
word-pounding overload

you can never shut it all out,
but step back and rest,
because you merit the same gentleness with which you hold others

don't let anyone tell you
"your too soft"

there is no such thing

surely those who say it mean well
but clearly, they don't understand
that the reason your heart bruises
like the ripest of peaches
is due to your unadulterated sweetness

watch them marvel
as you roll with every punch life doles out
and come out all the softer

listen when the world calls out to you;
begging to be felt

cry your joy and grief,
sense the swelling in the wind,
hear the rhythmic beating of hearts,
and see hope glimmering in every far-off star;
we need your vision,
your grace
and every dimple on your face
when you smile

watch bold spring crocus overcome fluxing frosts
and you will see yourself
as gently as morning mists
no matter the harshness that surrounds you

you are sensitive,
not fragile

someone somewhat like you


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