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i write (mostly) poems about love and heartbreak, although this is something i've never experienced myself. my only references to the emotion/feelings i put into my poems are books i've read. as such, i'm always open to critique about making my writing more relatable/heartfelt!

please do NOT steal my work! it is not a fun feeling when i have my literature stolen, so please refrain from doing so.

burning fire

April 17, 2021


i saw the the little passionateness of my generation destroyed,
how i mourned the fervency
down, down, down into the darkness of the despair,
gently it goes - the stingy, the footling, the minuscule.

sporadic abandon
i assumed i was brave-hearted
but no 

the incredulous flame sings like a fiery attack
to get me wondering if the fire is unreasonable
if everything i loved, hoped for, worked for,
is unreasonable

now confused is just the thing,
to get me wondering if gunshots are wooly-minded
i have a blank stare
you have a look of hunger

i felt courageous
though i was not
are you upset by how raw the flames are?
are you upset by how raw i am?
does it tear you apart to see the flames so frosted?

i cannot help but stop and look at the busy fervor
almost like stopping to smell the roses
and in this case
you really do get hit
this piece is meant to be a little bit more far-fetched, due to the fact it is about abuse and manipulation in a relationship. though this is what i wrote the piece about, i'd love if you related it to something different that happened in your own life! <33


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