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April 19, 2021


He felt numb.
He was there but wasn't there. They made him run, he didn't want to run.
Home, he wanted to go home. 
They weren't his family and working for them was draining. He can't remember the last time he slept.
    "Red dear, mother is talking to you."
He mumbled a response while his grandmother walked around the table, standing behind him.
    "Child, I'm speaking to you!"
Red looked at the woman, "You aren't my mother, grandmother."
That ticked her off. She grabbed his hair, yanking his head back.
    "Now you listen to me when I speak to you! I am your mother now!"
He was use to the pain, "I wanna go home, mother"
Mother smiled, "This is your home, dear. We'll be one big happy family again." 

He felt numb.
Yes, his name is Red. If I tried to explain his name we'll be here all day.
I tired so this might not be the best.


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