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Hong Kong

just a girl who loves to sing
dog lover
soccer player (sorta)
badminton player (kinda)
pianist, guitarrist (though i'm not very good at either)

Message to Readers

for my bestie, who's been extraordinary all these years. i'll miss eating peaches with you over the summer ❤︎

I would really appreciate any feedback :)

summer peach

July 13, 2021

round and fresh and delightful like the hot afternoon sun
sweet and juicy and rich like all the summers past spent
rosy and plush and full of endless memories together
squeezed and dripping with the sweat and tears of a lifetime
pink and orange and bright like it was never going to run out
until it is sliced into half and left bleeding like the brimming sunset
empty of all its fullness for it will never be shared again
a parting gift goodbye
for it was something too good to last


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