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Message to Readers

I am not sure, if this fits the prompt, but it was inspired by it..
Every kind of feedback is very welcome, since I am rather new to poetry!
Oh, and please tell me, if this poem is in any way offensive or inappropriate (I am not religious, so I might misjudge things..)!
Have a nice day/night :)

The fruit I ate should not affect my daughters

July 15, 2021

You made me from his rib.
Though from his bone, I am not his.
Do you not see I am my own?
Why did he get a name?

But Adam could name me?
I am not his to name.
You call me "living one", "the source of life". Don’t you know I live for knowledge also?
It is my right not just to give, but to take too.

And so I did, as you remember,
Though conflict, battle, tore the layers
Of my so new formed heart away
And I could only lose.
Why did you shape my heart thus,
Had you not wanted me to long
For power that was rightly mine,
A daughter of your own?
And still I knew the morals
The rules you’d set for me.
The rule so pointing out the fruit
Felt like a trap of yours for me.
The fruit was sweet I know it was
For knowledge does not disappoint
And was it wrong to taste that fruit
Since it gave sight for ignorance?
Had you not kept the knowledge
Of what is evil and what's good,
Perhaps I could have judged
The graveness of my deed.

God wants to be superior
Yet you demand of me to judge with your great wisdom.
If I cannot - of course I can't
- your punishment will follow.

Thus you banned us from your paradise
For not sharing your greatness.
And you told Adam to watch over me
Though I don't need his guidance.
Not Adam shall rule over me
My husband is not my superior!
I did not have a lord but you, but
As I seek truth, you wish to control me.

You call my daughters those of men,
Yet sons of mine are the lord's children.
Oh, is it really me in need of Adam
Not him, who needs a wife?
So now they shame my daughters for their mother.
A woman seeking nothing but the truth.
They teach my daughters their obedience will make up for my sin.
Their worth increases as a mother.
Yet you, lord, made their childbirth painful.

Please, daughters, seek the truth. Don't try in infinite attempts to prove your worth to men.

My god I see your fault and mine. Could you forgive, so I could learn to?


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  • Parisienne

    re: Thank you so much!!
    re-reading this it really struck me how well you structured the poem - from the archaic bible viewpoint to then a more feminist perspective. I love the perspective of Eve being the speaker. Beautiful work!
    I'm so glad you're okay! Hope everything else in your life is going well at the moment.
    Hope you're having a lovely day
    Becca :)

    6 months ago
  • Parisienne

    I really loved reading this Malin!! Wow you are talented :)
    Just wanted to say I heard about all the flooding and devastation occurring in your country, and I hope that you and your family are safe.
    take care and have a great day
    Becca :)

    6 months ago
  • ThatOneAntagonist

    I thing this poem was written so well. How does anyone do that! I'd never thought about it from that perspective before and it kind of makes sense, not gonna lie. But now I'm remember that the bible wasn't actually written by god, but by people who didn't witness the event directly. So many people are gonna come at me for this but the new testament is better...it just is.

    6 months ago
  • StellaBlue

    Hi! I wasn't originally going to comment on this piece, but after reading the previous comment that another user left, I felt that some positivity could be used. I just wanted to say that I thought this poem was brilliant. It perfectly captures the hypocrisy and blind spots that the Christian faith often conforms to (people pls don't get offended). I think that when you posted this poem you had to know that it would be a controversial piece of literature, and I think that that's honestly the best kind of literature! Writing is meant to criticize the ways of humankind in a way that makes people think about their beliefs and impacts. I think this piece does that perfectly. In response to your message to the readers, I think that this is a beautiful and creative way to respond to the prompt. Overall, I love this piece and I see no reason why someone would be offended by it!

    6 months ago