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July 19, 2021

My mama hosts parties
Dresses up real nice, fancy
She yabbers on the phone,
Gil-gally laughing with her head thrown back
She spends many hours
Poofing her hair into
Beautiful curls, blonde
As me, but her cheeks
Are dusted with layers of powder
That mine don't seem to have

My mama adores her bitty
Machine, that pieces together beautiful
Sky-blue sheets of lovely cotton
Like the buds that line my city
That I never get to see
She puffs on a stick
That makes my chest burn with sorrow
And my mouth taste like ash
From my fellow loner, the fireplace

But my mama only pretends
To be my mother
When her girls of fun
Are whispering, chattering, laughing
Over a delicious lunch 
Or when we visit the store
Or when I hear the church bells
Or when she drops me at school
And waves a cheerful good-bye
at home.

But it's okay
I say to myself
You is 
Because that's what my real mama told me


A few thoughts from Mae Mobley's perspective from one of my classic favorites, The Help


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  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Haven't read the book but should
    Re: Tysm. Your words really mean the world <3

    6 months ago