Hi, I'm Thea, my pronouns are she/her and I'm 15 years old. I love to read and write and my favourite genre is science fiction, and also fantasy.

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Do not read if you want to read Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm or Ruin and Rising. And, as per usual, if you do read this because you don't mind spoilers or don't want to read those books, or have or whatever, then, please feedback. Thanks!

The Darkness of the Fold

July 30, 2021

This is about the Darkling, and if you don't want spoilers about Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, or Ruin and Rising, I wouldn't read this. I mean it. Spoilers. Many many spoilers.

The darkness is all I am;
My name, my life.
The Darkling.
As if I serve the darkness
As if I am smaller
Instead of its lord.

The Fold is called evil,
But this is an evil world,
Why shouldn't I create something
That's evil as well.
But as they curse my name,
I become someone else.
I make the Folds creator
Someone I hate.

Waiting, waiting.
The Grisha no longer fear.
Instead they are feared,
Envied. Hated. Loved.
I am feared by them.
By all.

Alina Starkov.
Orphan. Grisha. Brighter than the sun.
Summons its light.
Ravka's saviour.
I can use this.
I can use her.
She was told to save Ravka.
I will do that.
I will end them.
No more suffering for those that are dead.

I love her. 
But after she knew what I wanted, 
She left me. 
Some are dead.
But not enough.
She ran with the tracker boy.
The other orphan.
The one who found the stag.

I found her, to give her another amplifier.
She will be more powerful than any Grisha.
But me. 
I will rule her. 
I will rule everyone.
Her light, and my dark.
Dark always wins. 
She was taken by the captain.
And she took its life.
Her and the tracker.
But in the end, dark will take them.

I see her in dreams.
She is scared of me. 
She doesn't tell the tracker.
Would she tell me?
My mother is there.
I don't care.
Alina is all I need,
All I wanted.
The sun will be mine.
To light the fold
And keep us safe from the Volcra
Until I rule Ravka.

I tell her my name.
She laughs
Then whispers it for me.
Not the Darkling

Alina is gone.
I will find her.
I have everything I need.
I meet her in the Fold
In my creation.
She is clever,
I can't see her.
But the light, it is hers.
But the dark, it is mine.

They die.
The traitor Grisha, all around her.
I don't know why
She has not stopped me.
Then the light fades.
And it comes from elsewhere.
She comes to me.
Her collar gone.
She was meant to be like me.
She is nothing like me.
I will die alone.

The Grisha blade
Like calls to like.
I see her.
I speak, and she agrees.
I see the sky
In the Fold.
My creation is gone.
But she is there.
No longer Grisha.
No longer the Sun Summoner.

I ask her to say my name,
One last time.
And she does.
Don't let me be alone.
And then I am gone.

I hope that made sense...


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  • watermelons_words

    Can I get away with reading this after finishing the first book? I’m trying to get ahold of the next one because it was SO FLIPPIN’ GOOD, but I’m having trouble finding it.

    about 1 year ago