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Say No.

February 2, 2022

Society says she's a young woman when in trouble
A little girl when speaking out-
Society says she knows nothing about life, she's naive 
but she should know better, she's old enough. 
Society says makeup is for girls who are called unsavoury things, 
But to wear none is flaunting her beauty, she's an arrogant attention seeker. 
Society says her shorts are too short, her dress too long. 
Society says Why didn't you say anything?
Society says Don't antagonize them, stay quiet. 
Society says she asked for it. 
Society says when she answers in class she's a try-hard nerd- 
When she says nothing she's a freak at the back of the classroom. 
Society says she's blonde so she's stupid,  and a melt if she proves otherwise.
Society says Why did you make him feel stupid? You knew it would make him angry. 
Society says she stays at home, it's her place. But why is she feeding the patriachy? 
Society says if she has a job, she's only doing it to be different. 
Society says if she's successful, she's a successful woman. Not a successful person. 
Society says he's only interested in her because she's easy. 
Society says he's only interested in her because she's Pure. 
Society says he's only interested in what he can do to her. 
Society says kneel. 

We say no. 


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  • February 2, 2022 - 4:28pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Synt├íktasCoco

    Those last few lines are amazing, this whole thing is amazing

    5 months ago