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a jumbled mess of my thoughts

By: AbellePuppy34


it seems
that people get too caught up in
who they perceive you to be
who they want you to be
who they think you should be
that they hardly listen
when you say
"this is who i am."

getting a small taste
here and there
of the stupid judgements people have
gives you the tiniest glimpse
into the pain you aren't experiencing
but know exists.
the pain you may one day face.
the pain that seems unbelievable.

because you always say,
"that's something that happens to other people.
not me."

u n t i l  i t  h a p p e n s  t o  y o u .

A bit nervous putting this out there because I'm not sure how it will be perceived/understood. I would explain but that is basically what the poem is; an explanation. So, however you understand this poem, however you relate to it, I hope it's helpful in some way. :)

Message to Readers

Does this poem make any sense to you? I'd love to hear your perception of it and what you think it's about.

Peer Review

This really resonated with me. I like how simple it is but also how deep it sits.

Honestly I think you articulated it perfectly.

Reviewer Comments

I like the layout but honestly on my first and second reads I totally missed the final line, maybe just moving it up a gap or two would make it more visible. I know you said you were nervous to post this, but I'm glad you did. It made me feel heard.