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If I disappear I'm crying in a closet

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Stand strong. Even if your words resonate in just one person, that person may change the world.


July 31, 2021


I stand tall every moment I can
Shoulders pulled back, so tight my spine aches.
In my head it's an act,
I smile because I'm scared
Because I am small and weak,
And I know no other way to convince myself of my worth
Than to sacrifice myself to others.

When I am asked for help my heart swells
I push myself past my breaking point,
Taking on tasks that I'm not sure I can complete,
In hopes that when I fail I'll have a chance to try again.

I am nothing impressive,
I do not look daring,
I don't have a booming voice,
Or a looming form,
Some days I can't grin,
Often people look to my brothers
They ask for a big, strong, young man
I am standing right there,

I have a neighbor,
she lives alone,
Sometimes my mom drives her to the airport,
I help her carry her bags to and from the car,
She thanks me for the help and I want to cry
She makes me feel strong.

Another neighbor,
The one across the street,
Has known me half my life
She trusts me with everything,
Even after I killed her favorite plant,
It gets draining sometimes
But I love running across the street to deliver something
I love when she thanks me and says I'm so helpful.

I'd give up everything
Just to shine
To be big and strong
A knight.
This is not the best, and most was written while crying. I appreciate any feedback because I did not edit this at all!


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  • sristi agarwal

    heyy!! I couldn't find a way to communicate with you. I am the writer of the poem 'decade'.If you wanna talk more about it,please me tell how can we connect .And thanks for the review!! by the way this piece of writing of yours is amazing,very touching.

    19 days ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    Oh wow… tb-completely-h, this describes me as a whole. Self worth is a tricky thing for many of us. Sending love your way <3 Chin up!

    about 2 months ago