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Writing is weird. And I'm weird. So I guess it fits.
Currently writing a book called Hang the Moon, because...why does anyone write? It's fantasy and sort of sci-fi? And isn't all this just turning into questions?
Because I'm weird, that's why.
So. My advice. Which is kinda what this's for. If you get stuck, write from the POV of a character in a different medium, like poetry if you are writing a short story or book.
And don't stop writing. Except to eat.
Food is good.
I'm kidding. You can stop whenever you want. Just make sure you really want to.
I'm not very funny, but I write comedy, so...that's a problem.
Be yourself, and stuff.
My characters make me cry sometimes. Does that count as cruel and unusual punishment?


August 1, 2021


If the world was a wolf,
Her paw pads would be worn.
Her throat would be strangled,
Her legs grasped in claws traps.

If the world was a tree,
Their trunk would be halfway sawed.
Their branches would be snapped and broken,
Their flowers molding on the branch.

If the world was a city,
He'd be choking on his smog.
He'd be dreaming of the forests he once was,
Of the mountains with fresh, clean rocky slopes.

If the wolf is the world,
Why are we hunting her?
Why are we killing her?
When she is just in her home.

If the tree is the world,
Why are we cutting them down?
Why can't we let them be green?
Why can't we let them be free?

If the city is the world,
Why are we filling him with smoke?
Why are we burning our own home?
Why are we building on bones?


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  • River Rae

    YES THOUGH!!! Why do humans never seem to understand this? You did an excellent job phrasing your thoughts (and mine too)

    about 2 months ago
  • ~Aurora~

    The metaphors are just brilliant. Amazing writing, and the last line is something else entirely.

    about 2 months ago
  • IMA Dragon

    Great piece, each one representing a different issue in our modern world is excellent writing. The last line reminds me of something I saw in a video with a line that was similar which went something like "They build malls over the bones of our ancestors." Amazing piece/poem!

    about 2 months ago