"You've got stars in your eyes, so let's paint the sky." - Hold on, Extreme Music

"I have loved the starts too fondly to be fearful of the night" - Sarah Williams

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I'm sorry, I'll never be her

August 1, 2021


She's so much better isn't she? 
On her throne of broken hearts.
Perfection is all you see, 
her heavy locks and glossy lips. 
Oh she's beautiful isn't she? 
Tall like a model, yet her eyes emerald and warm.
She's got no flaws, 
carved into perfection. 
A sight to behold, 
her beauty unfathomable. 
She's got a heart to die for, 
amber and gold. 
Selfless and kind, 
she thinks only for others. 
There's nothing you can pick apart, 
she's the one you've always wanted to find. 
I see you watch her as she walks by, 
you're beside me now, but for how long? 
I wouldn't blame you, 
wouldn't hold it against you. 
Who am I? 
when she stands tall, 
a mere nobody. 
No matter what I try, 
I can never be her. 
A perfect someone, 
you will never find, 
in me. 
I'm sorry it came down to this, 
all the nights you wasted with me, 
I'll spend them alone, 
holding onto the memories as you slip away, 
into the moonlit night, 
with her


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  • spidygurl

    Re: Umm, 305, Kid in Love, Imagination, Wonder...btw you ship Shamila Mendello?

    about 2 months ago
  • spidygurl

    Re- Oh, even I love him! Any favs from him?

    about 2 months ago
  • spidygurl

    Re: Awe, thanks so much!
    Yess! Oh wow!! That's wonderful! Ah that's great:) How's Adelaide particularly?
    Yup, Have a nice day/night!

    about 2 months ago
  • spidygurl

    Woah, this gave me goosebumps! You've described it so beautifully..I lovveee thiss, specially "On her throne of broken hearts. Perfection is all you see". You're unique and beautiful as well, dont forget that:) And if you need someone to talk to, Just rant of on any of my pieces. Hope you're doing good c:
    Commenting on your bio, Ahhh I love that too..and now I'm obsessed with the song Hold on!
    Also, if you don't mind me asking, where do you live in Australia? I've been to Australia twice, and it is my fav country without question...the place I dream of living in!

    about 2 months ago