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August 1, 2021


We are built on blood,
This nation,
Is built on blood.

The second
People came from overseas,
They started cutting,
And trees fell,
And the world was buried.

And wars came,
And it looked like they were fighting the land,
And the people who were there first,
They were there first,
But we,
Destroyed it all,
And started wars,
And hurt the world.

And they fought,
We fought,
A revolution,
Based on freedom,
Or was it power?
Because look down South,
And even North,
And you'll see chains,
And slaves,
But are they free?

We fought a civil war,
And so much blood was spilled,
And the land was forgotten,
And burned,
Forests discarded,
Like lives,
And people disappeared,
And we wish it was for freedom,
But we know it was for power.

And then we got ourselves into anther war and another,
And we were no better than them,
We weren't heroes,
How could we be?
We did the same as them,
Which isn't to say they weren't evil,
But it's to say that so were we.
Because they shut people up in camps,
And so did we,
And we both did it because of fear.
And then we dropped two bombs,
That killed so many people,
So many innocent people,
And left scars on the land,
That still haven't healed,
So we may call ourselves heroes,
But we're just as much the villains
As them.

And more wars, and more,
And civil rights that we finally couldn't ignore,
And people shipped to foreign shores,
That never came back,
And why were we fighting?
We could have talked it out,
But jumped immediately to the guns,
Are we trigger happy?
Because it seems that way,
When people won't give up their firearms,
When schools are being shot up,
And people are dying,
And the people who want their guns,
Are never the ones who have to be worried.

But somehow we still call these mistakes 'them,'
Like they don't belong to us,
Like even if we erase them,
They're still our history,
We've blocked out all the herstories,
The theirstories,
All the narratives of people that are different,
And all our history books start when Columbus landed,
And never before,
But there were people there, too.

This is our history,
This country was never fully good,
Built on blood and war and silence,
And we were evil, as well as good,
Stop ignoring it.


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  • August 1, 2021 - 1:06am (Now Viewing)

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  • IMA Dragon

    America is pretty evil, to be honest, there isn't much good I can think about it, and anything that others might count as "good" is just built on the bones and blood of innocents.

    about 2 months ago
  • River Rae

    Yeah America is kinda a joke. The whole "American Dream" is a lie built on blood. And yet a lot of people who live here love to think of Americans as "superior" when we really aren't.

    about 2 months ago