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Writing is weird. And I'm weird. So I guess it fits.
Currently writing a book called Hang the Moon, because...why does anyone write? It's fantasy and sort of sci-fi? And isn't all this just turning into questions?
Because I'm weird, that's why.
So. My advice. Which is kinda what this's for. If you get stuck, write from the POV of a character in a different medium, like poetry if you are writing a short story or book.
And don't stop writing. Except to eat.
Food is good.
I'm kidding. You can stop whenever you want. Just make sure you really want to.
I'm not very funny, but I write comedy, so...that's a problem.
Be yourself, and stuff.
My characters make me cry sometimes. Does that count as cruel and unusual punishment?


August 1, 2021


There is a rage building up inside me,
And it is quiet.
Not the sort of quiet,
That speaks of silent nights,
But the kind that crashes before a storm,
The calm in the snow leopard's eyes,
Before they shake the mountain,
And pounce on this world,
And change it forever.

There is a scream bottled up inside me,
And it is quiet.
Not the sort of quiet,
That sounds like spent starlight,
But the kind before the world erupts in fire,
The kind that is a quiet sort of strength,
That trembles,
But is never, not once, afraid.
I'm just so angry at the world. At humans for destroying it.


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  • River Rae

    Your footnotes? Me too. If you ever wanna rant, just leave a comment on the footnotes of one of my pieces. I would be happy to complain about humanity with you.

    about 2 months ago