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Her Eyes and Your Eyes

By: Ishani_7


Her eyes are blue, Yours are brown
Her represent the oceans, Your represents the ground.
  You have always hated your eyes and wish they were blue But your eyes have tint of gold so rare it must not be true.your eyes hold the riches that are buried in ground.
Her eyes carry Stroms and rage like sea 
Your eyes carry earthquakes that brings mountains to there kness.
Maybe her eyes are blue and your eyes are region Queen 
Because they hold the purest riches that the world have ever seen.

I kind of wrote this poem on my eyes cause they are brown so why not tell people that brown can bring many to there knees ☺️☺️

Peer Review

I really love the descriptions! Such beautiful words!

You could add more, but honestly I think too much more would feel clunky. This is a wonderful draft.

Reviewer Comments

Thanks for posting! I had a great time reading this!