Em Allen

United Kingdom

A Parent's Calamity

August 15, 2021

From the perspective of the parent to the main character.

So glorious,
One of the little warriors.
Until you take the lead,
And I can no longer sleep.
I'll wait up and pray,
That the monsters are only pretend play.

Anxiety shaking my every bone,
I'm waiting to pick up the phone.
Will you be alive,
Or will I have to watch a legacy thrive,
The new beginning of a nation,
In the absence of its foundation?

A hero so full of grandeur,
But why was death fit for this saviour?
Just a child, my child.
The dreams you had were always wild,
But you made them your destiny
When you saved each and every.

Filled with pride,
I can't just let your sacrifice slide
Because this sacrifice is not yours alone,
I carry this burden heavier than any stone.
You were my responsibility,
And I let you become a calamity.


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