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14,August 2021
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I got confused with the topic but i hope you wont think i am crazy

Regaining myself

August 19, 2021

I was a person who isolated myself ....I would spent months reading books and never taking part in anything public because i was afraid of being left alone ....I would stay away from conversations and only talk to a few people outside my family ..Like i was sooo afraid of not getting a reply that i stopped talking to others altogether..I loved dancing and singing but because i was afraid of being judged i gave those up....And i lost all of my confidence....But during Lockdown  ,i started to think what i was doing to myself ....Giving up my confidence just because i felt i was alone and  ignoring my talents ..So during lockdown i started doing things i was afraid of doing before .. I started writing songs and essays ,....And i realized i loved writing more than anything....I thought instead of just reading thousands  of books and thinking 'it'll be good if i can do that too' i started doing it myself ...I started ignoring others opinions and started listening to mine...I worked so hard to regain my confidence and i will hold on to it ..I started saying no to things and people i  hate and don't like..I started to think ,when i grow up it''ll be me who''ll suffer if i gave up my confidence and if i am happy and successful its because of my hardwork ....Judging people can judge,haters can hate,betrayers can betray but it won't affect me anymore ,......And i would love to hold on to my thoughts and stop listening to others who hurt me ....Because those unconfident years was the worst of my life..But now its like i am reborn .....And i am soo happy and hope i can hold on to that happiness forever and always


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