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hey! im a teen writer trying to fill a whole lot of blank pages. i love, english (who doesn't), painting, drawing, books, poetry and music. kind of awkward but aren't we all?
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◆tea stains
◆renaissance & surrealism
◆memes + vines
◆smells books
◆ the beatles
◆ feminist
◆fountain pens
◆80's music
◆history nerd [nerd in general]
◆ violins sound pretty

we are writers, my love. we don't cry. we bleed on paper- a.y.

entangled in the afterlife

August 28, 2021

from the perspective of the maid of the princess

She got herself killed in one place
But died a million times in the hearts she kept alive
The prince will laugh and sip from his goblet
He won't notice me, no one notices me

My head is held down
She lifted me up
And now that she's gone
Revenge has corrupted me

I was over-looked, neglected
But always at her side
Existing in a frozen reality
Not quite dead, not quite alive

God knows she was alive
Bright and alive
It was my job to dress her
But my duty to protect her

So now I creep behind the prince
"You look radiant this evening, sire"
"How very kind of you"
How very cunning of me 

Gently stroking the vile 
Thinking of her as I pour it into his cup
The wine consumes the liquid
Oh I've been bad

So lock me up!
Will you not imprison me?
Or end me
She was supposed to end me
She did end me

His lips press to the metallic object
I can hear her faint cries from the grave
It's alright my darling, please rest
I will be with you

Not just with you but entwined with you
Side by side in eternal sleep
So close I become half of you, a part of you
It was never meant to be this way

He topples over, I triumph
A silent rejoice
A large victory for a small girl
A diminished girl 

Please guards seize me
Bound my hands and set me alight
I only wish to be with her again
And if not in life then in death 
We shall flourish
this was soooo fun to write. i really, really love this and i hope you do too. minor characters should never be overlooked, for we don't know what their story could have been. enjoy!


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