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"All the people are fake, they're made out of metal. But I like you and that is not - it's not fake"

"Years from now when all the junk they got is broken and long forgotten, you'll still have your stars"

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My Habit

August 28, 2021

"The best time to change a habit is during a period of upheaval"
But what if my habit brings me comfort? It's what I crave. What I need. To tune out my thoughts focusing only on my fingers clasped around my eyelashes, plucking them out one by one. Even the dull throb is weirdly comforting, offering satisfaction and relief.
What if my habit is caused from stress? It's my coping mechanism. We all have destructive habits. Maybe yours is drinking? Or smoking...or gambling...or overspending? My habit isn't a big issue but it's about the little things building up and up until it becomes something you can no longer control. Think of it as a slow acting poison. Small doses are harmless but now it consumes me and I'm drowning in the urge to pluck and pull. My head is bleeding and I'm reaching for my hat desperate to cover it's bald patches.

You ask me to change it and I will replace it with another. This time perhaps skin picking? We all have destructive habits but Trichotillomania is mine. 


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