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even when this rain stops, when clouds go away,
i stand here, just the same.

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Can I just be Myself?

September 14, 2021

First, they tell me I'm too nice
Then they tell me I'm cold.

They ask me for help
But when I help, they think it’s too much.

They command me to speak
Then they tell me to shut up.
They tell me I'm too quiet
Then they tell me I'm too loud.
They tell me to laugh all the time
But when I laugh, they think it’s annoying and unacceptable.

They tell me I’m smart
Then they tell I’m dumb.
They tell me I’m the best
Then they tell me I'm the worst.
They tell me I’m too happy
Then they ask me why I’m too sad.
They tell me I’m strong
Then they tell me I'm too weak.
They tell me I'm too sensitive
Then they tell me I’m numbed.
They tell me I look young and beautiful
Then they tell me I look too old.
They tell me I’m too dark
Then they tell me I'm fair.
They tell me I'm still the same,
Then they tell me that I have changed.

They tell me that I’m a hardworking person
Then they tell me I’m lazy.
They tell me to be proud of what I’ve achieved,
Then they tell me to be disappointed because I couldn’t achieve what they had expected me to.

Honestly, it's so hard being myself.
If I'm just myself they hate me.
But if I'm someone else they would hate me even more and probably love me just a little bit.
I don’t even know how I should be myself for the sake of myself and others.
I don’t want to even lose my friendships or other relations because of who I am.



The poem is self-explanatory.

(Funny thing was that this was one of my ideas I had when I  first joined WtW. After exploring I found out quite a few prompts were there that were already in my pieces that I had been working on for a couple of days).


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