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16 | latina | passionate about books, long talks, coffee and the night sky

“so long as I have questions to which there are no answers, I shall go on writing.” - clarice lispector, brazilian writer

He lied

September 14, 2021

First, he showed me what love was,
then he showed me how it is to feel hurt.

He said he adored me,
but who would know
that the worst lies could be vocalized by
the best-looking lips in the whole cosmos?

Do not call me absurd, sweetheart,
simply because I say things you do not want to hear.
(It does not mean they are not true.)

He said he would take me to the space, 
and give me all the stars in the sky, if I wish to have them,
but at that time, I did not know it yet:
to be in the sky, it would take a disastrous


Do not tell me beautiful lies, pretending that
I will take them by the most delightful truths.
                              I am not like this since you left me, thank you.


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  • alexia (;

    love this so much <3

    11 months ago