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A Habit That I Want to Change

September 17, 2021

    A habit that I want to change now is thinking too much. I think that I need to do less thinking and more doing, and take more risks instead of worrying about them. If you think about all of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world, they all had to take huge risks to get to where they are now. Sitting there thinking about becoming rich takes away time that you could be using to take action towards that goal. I think that when I can finally start letting my actions speak louder than my words, that I'll be more successful in what I'm trying to achieve. The pandemic shut everything down for me, and led to me doing way more thinking than usual because I couldn't even leave the house. Taking action now is way easier than it was during quarantine though, so I plan to use my time more wisely by doing that.


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