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September 21, 2021

All of the habits I have gained over this pandemic need to change. Most of my habits include:
  • Laziness
  • Getting distracted too easily by one thing
  • Losing my Multitask way
  • Anger issues
  • Excuses to not do something
  • Self-Punishment
I used to be able to do a lot of things and not get as distracted as I do now, and it sucks trying to live like this every day and remember I was better. Currently, in my life, I have it pretty easy and the stuff I deal with now isn't even compared to some of the stuff I dealt with back in elementary school, like climate change. 

As we grow I know I will lose some and gain some, but those few are the most important ones I need to keep. Laziness grows with age, I know that because our bodies start to break down and they will want to rest more. The anger-issues thing can be helped as well as self-punishment but it is hard to try and concentrate on getting them better. The excuses thing I am currently working on fixing along with self-punishment.

Continuing with our lives we can lose the habits we gained with being in isolation with our parents/guardians and pets all while doing our daily things in life.

As I go I want to leave this message; anything is possible, don't set it aside and wait til later, it will take longer.


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