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Hullo. I'm paige and it's quite nice to meet you. I Iike horror, action, adventure, my hero academia, and snakes. I adore Bakugou (he's mine) and anime, especially mha
Bakugou my love, chill, it's not his fault he's a nerd ;)

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Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller with every mistake
Stop talking, I'll win. . . That's what heroes do. -Katsuki Bakugou, the best and most beautiful creation ever
Stop hoping, start believing. -Nick Jonas
I just wanna say... im gonna win. -Katsuki Bakugou

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Don't ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what make us perfect.” – MGK

Dolores and Camilo yo

Rapheal Santiago

September 23, 2021

    He's so graceful
    He's loved by mundanes, nephilim, and all sorts of species
    He gets all of the attention,
    When he disobeys the law,
    When he hurts other people,

    It isn't fair
    He bears the Mark of Cain,
    He can walk during the day,
    He has more friends than me and im ancient,
    Yet he doesn't even respect his species

    I thought we could have got along
    Been friends even
    But something inside me snapped,
    and it wasn't my fangs
    Why does this boy bother me?
    Why am I so afraid?

    I should be at the top,
    I should be loved and cared for,
    But all anyone can think about is him,
    And I cant figure out why,
    I'll keep cool,
    I won't let him know how i feel,
    I won't give him another reason to mock me,
    I won't give up

    Explain to me this,
    Why do we allow this creature to walk on earth,
    To break and bend these laws we claim are precious,
    Why do we let Simon Lewis live,
    When we know he'll be our destruction?

    He doesn't deserve these names,
    He claims he isn't one of us,
    He doesn't deserve such a privelage,
    I do

    [The Mortal Instruments]


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