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I am a lover of words and a finder of what is lost in our society.

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"And will you succeed? Yes you will, indeed (98 and 3/4 percent guarantee) Kid, You'll move mountains!"
-Dr. Seuss

Too Young For Reality, Too Old to Daydream

September 24, 2021

First I was too young for reality, then I was too old for daydreaming.
They told me to act like an adult while simultaneously treating me like a child.
They wouldn't tell me certain things because I was too young, but then expected me to know certain things because apparently I was old enough. 
So here I am. Young. Inexperienced. Confused.
Because although I'm only sixteen I'm supposed to claim a career.
Even though I am simply a child, I am expected to choose a university.
It was easier when certain things were deemed childish and certain things were 'adult problems'.
But please tell me where the line has been drawn right now.
If they couldn't figure it out without making mistakes when they were my age, tell my why in the world they expect me to find my way in life without fault?
First I was too young for reality, then I was too old for daydreaming.
And now? The lines are blurred between the stages of life.
I've graduated from my childhood and I am standing in the unexplainable void of what has been and what must be now.
Too young for adulthood to old for childhood.
I belong to none, I ascribe to neither.
My brain is weak from trying to comprehend what dreams I am allowed to dream and what passions are useless in the independent life I will soon live.
So what will it be today? Will I follow my dreams or shall I watch them die?
I ask because I cannot answer.
The older generation holds the key to my life, and it would appear that I will never inherit the key and own it myself.


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