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October 5, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

    Being 12 is like a split between teenager and child, where you're not allowed to make your own choices, but also not allowed to act childish. Everyone seems to think, the day you turn twelve, you are smarter. You are more than an 11 year old. But you're not. You're really just 1 day older than you are the day before, one year older than that day 365 day's ago. And to me, you are finally 11. And now, you have to keep building the ladder that you will eventually get to the top of, and then, for a day, you are 12. Then you reset the clock, and now you're working your way up to being 13. Even though people call you 14. When you turn 12, what you have really done, is master the art of being 11.
       Every year, I think the next grade is older. But it never is. Every year on my birthday, I think that i'm older. But i'm not. If i'm in 3rd grade, then wow, 4th graders are so old and cool! If i'm in 4th grade, then wow, 5th graders are so old and cool! And i'm sure that one day, I will think 'gosh, i'm just so old'. Maybe it's weird or immature, but I wouldn't know (or care), as I consider 12 a young age. But don't you think 13 year olds are so old and cool? 


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