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Only I Know What You Put Me Through.... How You Hit and Run Me

September 30, 2021

You came and then went away,
You were my home and now I'm just a castaway;
I'm stranded on the coast.
First you said that I was too quiet and I started to work towards a better me
And I just wish that you could've seen that your leave made me break and I am now a broken building's debris;
I've pulled my car off the road.

I started to trust you and oh! what a fool I made of myself;
I didn't even realise that I wasn't a priority but instead the last book on your shelf.
I am, of course, very hurt.
Then, you said that I became too talkative (weren't you the one who told me I was too quiet?)
There's no, for my personality, any alternative;
Earlier you said I was beautiful, now you deny it.
My tears have soaked my shirt.

Now, after all that you did and all the pain you caused, you ask for forgiveness;
You wish me to keep you away from all your guilt and sickness.
Do you really think I'll buy your apology?
Not for me but for your own self, I want you to recall your sins,
Every injury you caused had come with it's own twin;
You've ruined my psychology.

I am a damaged wall now and you've become a hammer to my eyes,
You can't fix me anymore because you'll demolish me again in a way that I can't come to light;
Hammers can only break.
I hope you enjoyed every bit of your filthy little games;
I hope you were happy when the winner-board displayed your name;
But I guess it wasn't necessary to leave me broken by telling me that all your affection was fake.

You changed me way too much,
I've never been upset as such;
I don't even know who I am anymore,
The smile that I exhibit now is only a show.
I've honestly written this from the perspective of a friend, but whenever I read it, I think it's applicable to any bond.


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