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October 1, 2021

I need to stop overthinking things. 
I need to stop viewing myself as fat and ugly. 
I need to be productive. 
I need to want to be healthy. 
I need to be happy.
I need to be confident in who I am.
I need to do more reading, do more writing, do more singing and do more dancing in my free time. 
I need to stop wasting all my time on social media and tv. 
I need to love the present instead of longing for the future or past. 
I need to romanticise my life. 
I need to know what I want in life. 
I need to set goals and stay dedicated to them. 
I need to wake up early and go to sleep early. 
I need to stop procrastinating school work.

More importantly, I want to do these things. Here are my needs and wants. Feel free to be inspired :)


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  • Odyssey

    Welcome to WtW! I don’t know exactly how new you are but I haven’t seen your work before, so welcome!
    I relate to this piece so much.

    4 months ago