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Hullo. I'm paige and it's quite nice to meet you. I Iike horror, action, adventure, my hero academia, and snakes. I adore Bakugou (he's mine) and anime, especially mha
Bakugou my love, chill, it's not his fault he's a nerd ;)

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Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller with every mistake
Stop talking, I'll win. . . That's what heroes do. -Katsuki Bakugou, the best and most beautiful creation ever
Stop hoping, start believing. -Nick Jonas
I just wanna say... im gonna win. -Katsuki Bakugou

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Don't ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what make us perfect.” – MGK

Dolores and Camilo yo

The world is falling, the crumbling grounds, and I'm busy over here writing down: I'm twelve

October 5, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

    Twelve years old. That's how old I am. Only 12 and I almost feel like I've missed out on a childhood. Missed out on being able to play games without being embarrassed to be seen by older kids. Missed out on learning how to do all of those things I told myself over and over I'd do them. Like, doing a cartwheel. I almost feel like if I do learn to do a cartwheel, I'll be telling my friends when I'm older that I learned how to do one... at twelve. But I don't feel that way. I don't feel like I'm too old for any of that. I thought I did, but honestly, I don't.
     My friends, they might say they're too old to trick or treating or too old to wear pajamas's with Snoopy dancing across the front with Woodstock. But I'm not. I enjoy that kind of stuff.  Even if they don't. Isn't it kind of funny? How I'm always complaining about my younger siblings being immature when...

                                                           I'm ten times worse

    You aren't suppose to be silly when your twelve. Your supposed to be older, more mature, smarter. But I'm not superman! I can't change in less than 24 hours and be the best 12 year old there is! And what happens next year? When I didn't live up to their expectations this year and next year I'm two years behind. People will look at me and tell my mother, "Awe, your little girl is so cute. How old is she?" And when my mother tells them I'm turning thirteen in 5 months, what will they do then? I'll tell you. They'll look at me with disgust, wondering why a 12-year old girl is busy cramming her mouth with food, making jokes about methane, not using "Big girl manners" because I'm such a big girl. Yeah? Well, sorry I'm not perfect. I'm sorry that I can't be just like your daughter. Because she's so perfect. News flash: No ones perfect.
    See that? All of that? That was me mad. And yeah, I'm really sorry I behaved that way. I'm actually really sorry, even if you don't believe me. But it was soo good to let all that out. And now I'm going to write about all the good parts of being twelve. (Sorry you feel attacked for all of that unnecessary anger)
    Being twelve may make you feel pressured but honestly, I'm going to miss it. I love the way I can sit down on the grass and pull the grass out of the ground, lost in thought. And then afterwards, I apologize to it, get up and ride my bike. I love the feeling of the wind slashing at my clothes, smacking my face making me giggle. I love trying to beat my brother to the end of the road. I love being happy for him when he wins, because he always does. And when I turn thirteen, I'll have more work to do. I'll have different studies, different subjects. I'll try to impress new friends. I'll try to juggle family, schoolwork, drawing, and chores while watching after the younger kids. That leaves me around... 2 hours of free time. So yeah, I'm happy being twelve and I'll spend as much as time possible being the happiest twelve year old I can.

This was quite fun actually. I mean, I never thought talking about how old I am would be so relaxing. I recommend doing this prompt. Even if I didn't do the best job, it was fun. And hey, you might do better than me. Oh and have a great day/night :)


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  • pidgin

    re: thanks! i'll be sure to check those out! :D

    4 months ago
  • pidgin

    re: I'll check those out(kinda been on an anime streak lately, i'll add them to my list)! do you know where I could watch mha(preferably somewhere free)?

    4 months ago
  • moby what

    this is just so amazing, like powerful but reassuring as to a lot of ppl feel this way and somebody writing it down is just awesome. Love love love it, great work keep it up!

    4 months ago
  • pidgin

    I love this! The tone of the whole piece is just-perfect! and it’s totally fine to not ‘act your age’ me and my friends probably act like 5 year olds but we have fun and that’s what matters right?
    oh, I’ve been meaning to watch mha(I haven’t found anywhere to watch it either), is it good?

    4 months ago