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October 6, 2021

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Age is but a number
But numbers hold significance
For all of us in life
We see the effects of age
From birth to death 

Adolescence is sweet and pure
Skipping down chalk-covered sidewalks
Teenagehood is confusing 
Emotionally a complete wreck
Adulthood who knows
I haven’t reached that time yet

But what about those
Who have age scrambled up
Im younger than you think
But i’m older than I should be 

I know too much for my age
Yet not enough for yours
I feel constantly at conflict 
With the numbers im assigned
I handle too much for a child
But most treat me as such
I'm doing the work of college students 
And yet it's not enough 

Age is but a number
And mine is confused 
I look 23 
And feel 52 
But im only 16


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  • Ismasura

    Woahh you put what I was thinking into words so well!

    4 months ago
  • Carmen1919

    This is so beautiful. The reason why I love reading is because people tend to explain how I feel better than I can. You definitely did that here.

    4 months ago