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We are all living a life, so uncertain, that the next second is not promised. Spread love. None of us deserve hatred. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated♡
Thank you to everyone of you who take time to read my works , for commenting and liking !
it makes me happy and I'm motivated to write even more :)

Strong Sixteen

October 10, 2021

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16. Woah! It has been sixteen years since I was born. That's a long time.. but then again I realize that it's not that long. But the thing is, it's ultimately the society that decides.. "You're too old for this", "too young for that" ,blah blah. But I have comprehended several metaphors of life, at sixteen. I have realised a lot of things that most people understand very late in life.
I'm unperturbed by societal standards of beauty, thanks to the people around me who do not point out my acne and acne scars; I'm grateful. I have grown stronger over the years.I am well aware of my privileges. Amazing parents.I have got great friends whom I have known for years. And they are still with me. I have a very few true friends and that's because I have known to keep away from the bad ones. Also I have realised that not everyone is my friend and I too, am not everyone's friend. I can let go of things more easily now, than a few years back. And all these years I have laughed and cried. I have lost and gained. I have had the best years of my life. I have been going to school for almost 12 years now. I love school. My school years will end next year. Now I feel like sustaining my school years for some more time.
I'm grateful for everything that I have got till now and I will always be. I'm grateful to God, because he is the same creator who created the magnificent and massive galaxies, oceans and stars and planets, that created me, too.
Life is tough but I love it.


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